Amazon Driver Reunites Mom and Abandoned Baby

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The Amazon driver did not know he was going to be a hero on that day. But when he saw the baby, he knew the only right thing to do-reunite the baby with his mother. He would never be able to forget the day he saw the baby abandoned on the roadside.

Amazon Driver Finds Baby on the Side of the Road

Six cars passed by the 5-month-old baby in a newborn car seat, and not one stopped to pick him up. A community member said it was trash day on that day, so people likely did not suspect anything of the baby car seat on the roadside. If anything, it could have been mistaken as trash.

Yet, on a busy day for Amazon delivery driver Juan Carlos Flores, he was able to spot the baby on the roadside. "I never expected I would find a baby on that day, especially not on the side of the street. The first thing in my mind was, this is not normal."

The baby was found in North Houston, Texas, The Epoch Times reported. Flores often took this route to work, but things were not as routine as every other workday. That day Flores' heart was deeply moved. "I really wanted to cry when I saw the baby. I thought, how could someone have the heart to leave this child by the roadside?"

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CCTV Footage and 911

The Amazon delivery driver first turned to the nearest house and asked if they knew who the child's parents were. They called 911 while caring for the child. As soon as the police came, the child was quickly reunited with his mother, who had also called 911 minutes before the baby was found.

The police were also able to retrieve CCTV footage from a home surveillance camera owned by one of the neighbors. The footage showed the baby getting dropped off on the roadside by the man who is also a suspect for carjacking. The baby was left on the side of the road for about 20 minutes before the Amazon delivery driver found him.

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Mom Reunited with Abandoned Baby

The baby was not abandoned on the roadside by his parents or caretakers. The truth was something that could have been a scarier incident. The mom was getting ready to run errands. She had her baby in the car seat. Then quickly went back to the apartment complex where they were living to check that the door was locked. But when she returned, her baby was no longer there, and the car went missing too, WDBJ7 reported.

The mom quickly called 911, stressing out that her child was inside the missing vehicle. Then, she tried to geo-locate her iPhone. Fortunately for her, 911 also received a phone call from the neighbor whom the Amazon delivery driver reached out to for help with her baby.

Carjacking or Kidnapping?

It was a good thing that the suspect realized quickly that there was a baby inside the vehicle. He dropped the baby on the side of the road. He later also ditched the car. The distance between all three points-the apartment complex, the roadside where the baby was abandoned, and where the missing vehicle was later found-were approximately one mile, NBC News reported. The suspect remains at large.

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