Mom and Dad Abandon Newborn Baby Because They Feel There Is No Connection

A mom and dad abandoned their newborn baby because they feel there is no connection. The 2-month-old baby was presumed to be dead in 2019.

Hezile Frison and Monica Adams have been sentenced over the weekend for abandoning their newborn baby in 2019.

Frison is 37 years old, and her girlfriend, Adams, is 22. Relatives shared that the two always thought they had no emotional connection with their newborn baby.

Lack of "emotional connection."

According to the investigators on the case, the mom and dad abandoned the baby because they thought they did not have an emotional connection with her.

The newborn baby was under the care of a relative. However, when the family member was sleeping, the couple took the baby.

Frison and Adams returned without their 2-month-old daughter. When their relatives asked about the baby's whereabouts, the couple became argumentative.

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The baby has vanished

Because of mix-ups, relatives thought that the baby was with other relatives. However, in August, the 2-month-old baby has been reported missing. A criminal complaint has also been filed.

During the investigation, both the mom and dad were interrogated by authorities. When the dad was asked, he suddenly became emotional and admitted that he knew where they could find the newborn baby.

Although the police already had the location, the search was still unsuccessful. The remains of the baby girl could not be found.

Mom and Dad Abandon Newborn Baby Because They Feel There Is No Connection
(Photo: Anugrah Lohiya from Pexels)
Mom and Dad Abandon Newborn Baby Because They Feel There Is No Connection

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The charges against the mom and dad

Even if the young girl's remains were not found, there was enough evidence to file charges against the mom and dad.

In the investigation, police were able to see Frison's web search history. Some of the things that he searched over the net were, "What type of animals are found in Kenosha" and "What is the only way a parent can not go to jail if a baby dies." Reports disclosed that Frison admitted their baby was abandoned at Kenosha.

Five charges were filed against Frison, while Adams faced six charges. The mom had an additional case because she failed to report the death of her daughter.

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The sentence faced by the couple

The court sentenced the 37-year-old father to 30 months in jail or two-and-a-half years behind bars. Aside from this, the dad is also facing five years of extended supervision. That is for a separate Milwaukee County case.

On the other hand, Adams, the mother of the baby, was placed on four years of probation. She was also sentenced to nine months in jail in Kenosha County.

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