Taylor Swift and Mom Help Widowed Mother of 5

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Nearly two weeks after Taylor Swift won a Grammy award for "Folklore"—the first woman to win album of the year three times—Taylor and her mom Andrea Swift made news for helping the survivors of a dad of five who died of COVID-19.

Taylor Swift and Mom Donate to Family of Six

The 31-year-old singer and her mom, Andrea Swift, 63, recently donated a lump sum of $50,000 together for a single mom of five. The mom-and-daughter donated a total of $50,000 to Vicki Quarles, People reported. Vicki's husband, Theodies Ray Quarles, passed away due to COVID-19 only a week before Christmas.

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The donation was made via GoFundMe. The fundraiser was set up by a family friend named DeQuanda Smith on Vicki and her children. Smith aimed to raise $50,000 for the family. The goal was reached in 3 months, and was raised by 230 people, including Taylor Swift and her mom. Adding the Swifts' donation, Smith was able to crowdsource more than $60,000 for the Quarles family.

Taylor Swift GoFundMe Donation for Children's Future

The dad who succumbed to COVID-19 is survived by his wife and five daughters. The children's ages were not disclosed; however, their names were Alyssa, Allie, Aryah, Anaya, and Asia. Smith opened up about how the patriarch of the family fought with Covid-19.

Theodies was having breathing difficulties and was brought to the hospital without family to accompany him. His wife was not allowed to be with her husband. The paramedics explained to her about the quarantine restrictions.

Unfortunately, that encounter would be the last time Vicki would see her husband, whom she also relates to as her best friend. The hospital would later call her to tell her the news that her husband succumbed to the coronavirus, Fox 17 reported.

Smith shared how the father's passing has "left a void on the Quarles team." A father of five daughters, Theodies would be missed by his daughters from breakfast and recitals to proms, entrance to college, graduations, "and ultimately the weddings of his daughters."

Further, the close family friend revealed her intentions for launching the GoFundMe campaign: "to offer financial relief to the family and reduce their worries about immediate basic needs and even for continued growth and aspirations."

Smith said she hopes that with the funds raised for the family, her friend Vicki may be able to "shepherd the children to their destinies as a teacher, nurse, entrepreneur, CEO, or doctor." Vicki, now a single mom of five, said that the road ahead would not be the same without her husband. "I am humbled every day and anchored in the hope of raising the girls to be caring and compassionate."

Family Expresses Gratitude to Taylor Swift and Her Mom

Smith further expressed thanks to Taylor Swift and her mom "for championing the family to continue towards the finish line." The family friend noted that Swifts' thoughtfulness and generosity are much appreciated from their home state of Tennessee. Moreover, Smith revealed that the Swifts also gave her a "sweet personal note that warmed [her] heart."

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Taylor Swift Donates to Fans during Pandemic

This was not the first of Taylor Swift's acts of generosity during the pandemic. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Swift donated to fans who were hit hard by the pandemic, especially with their incomes, Buzzfeed reported. The singer also gave donations to Feeding America and the World Health Organization during the pandemic and even encouraged others "who have the ability, to please join [the singer] and donate in this time of crisis."

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