Maryland Man Kills 4 Including His Parents

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In three related incidents on Sunday in Baltimore County, Maryland, a man kills five people, including his parents, the police said.

The Maryland man was identified as Joshua Green, 27 years old, by police, and he was responsible for the shootings. Green died in a parking lot at an Essex building on Sunday by suicide.

At around 7 a.m., county police responded to Royal Farms, an Essex convenience store and gas station in Maryland. Speaker Det. Robert Reason said that there were three people injured, two of whom died. A customer in a parked car was one of those killed, according to the investigation.

Police confirmed that the other person was recovering in a local hospital in a press release held late Sunday. 

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Detectives said Green left the store and return to his apartment in the Hartland Ridge building and set fire to it. Around 15 minutes after the shooting, the police came to the complex and found Green in the parking and said that he had shot himself. It was less than a mile away from the gas station.

At the interchange of Manor and Eland roads the late Sunday afternoon, the detectives headed to the home of Green's parents in Baldwin and found two bodies. Both of them seemed shot. They were identified as Green's parents.

Amid heavy weather, the researcher looked into the estate and crowed into the house's garage. A neighbor said they heard nothing strange but refused to speak further. By 6:40 p.m., officials withdrew investigators with red shutters from the driveway of the idyllic brick house.

Late Sunday, the police reported no additional suspects being searched for and said that all three incidents were related.

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Royal Farms in Maryland shooting spree

Meanwhile, the Royal Farms employees gathered outside of the rear entrance to the store facing the River Neck Road on Sunday morning while the rain was rushing. Out front, investigators clustered around a parked car, covered with a sheet and tent, where one body was found. The other one was in the shop.

Breahna Brown, Royal Farms spokesperson, said the firm had no immediate statement on the shooting at its store. Jodie Oxenrider, 33, and Suzanne Hamilton, 36, scanned the scene anxiously across the street.

In an interview, Hamilton said, "All of us know the people in here. It's all the same employees all the time."

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After waking up at about 6 a.m., Oxenrider said she stayed at the Hartland Ridge where the fire was taking place and heard fire alarm and sirens. She wanted to go nearby for a pack of cigarettes at Royal Farms. When she arrived, the shop was cautiously roped off, and police cars packed the parking lot.

Brandon Thompson, 31, lives in the complex opposite the Royal Farms apartment building. He said he went to the grocery store to witness his neighbor warming her car and went to work.

Thompson heard the shots and saw his window on the scene on the ground floor. He saw a guy out of the store and threw away a rifle, said Thompson.

Thompson said in an interview, "She never got out of her car. She only goes to the Royal Farms to get a soda."

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