Dax Reveals How Kristen Bell Explains Sex To Their Daughters

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The couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard openly share how they explain sex to their daughters on Shepard's podcast. 

Rachel Bilson who was their guest on the show triggers the conversation when she talks about her mom being an expert with sex and how her mom openly discusses it with her and how sex has become not new to her. 

While Bell and Shepard's journey started when one of their daughters Lincoln 5 years old, asked the couple where the baby came from. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard then rolled up their sleeves and were ready for a long and complicated talk. 

Talking and being honest with her kid about where babies really came from have opened up unexpected moments in their lives. During the show, Kristen Bell divulged information on how she creatively discussed sex with her daughters. 

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard on explaining sex to their daughters

After hearing the confession from Bilson, Shepard then shares how Kristen explains her own way about sex to their daughters. Dax Shepard revealed how Kristen explains by not saying the man put the penis inside the woman's vagina but instead using the phrases that put the idea of women in charge.

Upon hearing it from Shepard the actress Rachel praises how Bell handled the explanation and says she loved it. What Kristen did was a simple way of saying that the consent of a woman is necessary when having sex. And with their consent, it makes the woman more powerful not the other way around. 

While the couple and Rachel continue with their conversation, Rachel also admitted that her 6 years old daughter also asked the same question to her recently. But unlike Kristen Bell, Rachel admitted that she can't go on explaining to her daughter that the woman puts the penis to her vagina. 

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Rachel even thought of explaining it with how science should do but she just can't. Luckily her conversation with her daughter was distracted with pop tarts. 

Shepard also shared as a father, that kids really tend to get bored when discussing sex. They get tired of listening to it without the parents reaching to the awkward part of it. " You can't even get to the ejaculation part before they get bored" Shepard added on his statement. He also added that whenever kids hear scientific terms such as vagina and penis, that triggers their bordom and they will leave your discussion. 

While Bilson also commented that any story will do in explaining sex to your kids. What will make it important is that you try to explain to them, no matter how long the story can get, that you may never get to the bottom of the topic and your kids get bored just telling them anyway. Because that's what parenting should be. 

Although some other audiences, especially parents, wanted Bilson to talk about it to her daughter, experts also say that kids at their age can handle it just fine. Nevertheless, parents still appreciate Bilson for bringing her daughter to a sex-positive home. 

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