[Viral Video] Secret Service Daughter Shares Safety Tips from Her Dad on TikTok

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A woman on TikTok, a secret service daughter, has shared safety tips for women. She got these safety tips from her Secret Service agent father that taught her over the years, which she said saved her life.

Lauren Bell, the secret service daughter and a boutique owner in Pennsylvania, is seen in a now-viral video sharing a story about a stalking case she had faced. In another video, she also shared safety tips she got from her father. These safety tips include information on how to spot if someone is following you, among many others.

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The viral video on TikTok

In her viral video, the secret service daughter said that her father taught her to question everything and everybody. Because of this, she became alert at all times, which helped her notice a man at three different times at the same shop.

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She shared the experience and said that she turned around to look at the man and stared him down. She then noticed an eagle tattoo on the man's body. The secret service daughter said that as she made eye contact with the man she remembered one of the safety tips that her dad taught her.

He noted that you could remove clothes and change hair, but birthmarks and tattoos are always permanent. Sharing her experience in her viral video, she said that she initially tried to buy time. The man following her appeared once again when she entered the parking area and talked to her.

The man proposed an offer where he said that he has an opportunity for her where she can make tons of money. He also said that she should come to his car because there is a flyer there for the stated offer.

Lauren's concern grew because the car park did not have many people around at that time. She said that moving to her care would have allowed the man to track down her address and whereabouts based on her license plate.

To avoid this, she prepared herself to make a scene to alert people around her. Thankfully, she saw another car that was parking up. She moved to the driver quickly to ask for help, which intimidated the man and made him bolt away like a maniac.

She said in the viral video that it only goes to show that such cases happen anywhere and at any time of the day. She was just thankful that she was aware of her surroundings and what was happening at that time.

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Other safety tips

Lauren, the secret service daughter, also shared a video of safety tips from her father's form of quotes.

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Her father's safety tips are the following:

  • Never turn your back towards the door
  • Mace is meant to be kept in your hand and not in your purse (as it would be useless if you can't reach it quickly enough)
  • Order drinks that come in bottles because they are harder to be drugged
  • No one in Miami is your friend
  • Nothing good comes after 11 pm
  • Never take a jog before 8 am

In another clip, the secret service daughter shared some of her father's safety tips. She shared that if you suspect that a car is following you, you need to take four right turns. Because when you take four right turns, you just walked or drove in a complete circle. If someone is going to a destination and is not following you, they would not be making circles.

She said that doing this makes it easier to tell the police that someone is indeed following you.

The secret service daughter added that when she was growing up, her dad would always drill into her dad with things like, know where you are at all times, and know your surroundings.

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