Baby Delivered Roadside by Student Nurse on Her Way to Work

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A student nurse delivered a baby under Brisbane's overpass on her way to work.

After seeing each other again, it seemed like a reunion between three strangers. As they are now sharing a lifelong bond with a student nurse in training, making the miraculous and spontaneous act of delivering a baby under a Brisbane overpass.

Ashling and Stephen Mohan, the baby's new parents, delivered roadside, have a proper meet up with Emily, the training midwife and student nurse who helped them with their baby.

The student nurse

Emily, the student nurse, recalled that she was walking to work at the Mater Hospital this morning when she came across the couple's car on the side of the road. There she finds Ashling in the middle of giving birth in the front seat of the vehicle.

Ashling, the mother of the baby delivered roadside, said that the baby was their second child. The baby turns out to be a healthy boy that weighs 3.68 kilograms and 47cm.

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Giving birth on the roadside

Ashling shared her experience and said that the baby's head came out while they were still driving. It was only within 5 minutes in the car that she was already pushing. At that time, Ashling added that it was peak-hour traffic.

So, the couple had no choice but to stop and pull over. Ashling added that she welcomed the fact that their baby was coming right then and that she will be giving birth in the car. Stephen, the husband, tried to help his wife, despite them being very close to the hospital.

Ashling recalled that they were both in shock, but they were not that panicky.

Ashling said to his husband that she is pushing and that the baby's head is coming out. Her husband tried to help his wife by helping her with her breathing and by soothing her.

Not long after, a doctor in the area was there to help. The doctor and Stephen delivered the baby.

With the baby born at 7:45 in the morning, the time seemed was truly up to good luck, with Emily supposed to be at work at 8 in the morning.

Emily further shared what happened and said that at that moment, someone asked her if she was a nurse. She then answered that no, she was not because she is a student midwife. Then, they pointed at the car and said that someone is having a baby. Right then, she quickly ran to the car.

Emily said that when she got inside the car, Ashling, the baby's mother, was calm and at ease. Bearing in mind that she is in the middle of giving birth, not to mention that she was also seated on the handbrake.

The new bond

Emily added that Ashling did a great job and that it was a wonderful life experience.

On the other hand, Ashling said that Emily was there with them and was thankful for helping them out.

While the baby delivered roadside is yet to be named, some ideas have been made by Stephen. He thought of the name "Rhoadie," which Ashling quickly shot down.

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