Woman Wears Her Unused Wedding Dress For COVID-19 Vax

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bride from Baltimore wanted to make a good memory out of a sad one. Because the bride and their partner canceled her wedding reception due to the coronavirus pandemic, she decided to wear her wedding dress or the reception during another important day. 

Baltimore bride, Sarah Studley, decided to be in her wedding dress on the day that she got her COVID-19 vaccine.

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The canceled wedding reception

According to reports, Studley shared that she and her partner, Brian Horlor, wanted to have a reception with 100 guests.

However, they changed this plan to tie the knot at the San Diego County clerk's office due to the coronavirus pandemic. The couple got engaged in November 2019 and have since been planning for their special day.

The Baltimore bride said, "It became very clear that it was going to be a very bad idea for us to proceed."

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The idea of wearing her wedding dress

Studley was disappointed that her wedding plans did not push through. Because she already had a dress for the reception, she thought of not putting the dress to waste. She decided to wear it on the day that she got her dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Studley said that she got inspired by a photo she saw online. The Baltimore mom shared that when she saw the woman wearing a black-tie gown who would get her vaccine appointment, she thought she could put her new wedding gown to use. She said, "It resonated with me so much because things have been really dark, and the idea of getting a vaccine is such a bright moment."

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine

On the day that Studley got the COVID-19 vaccine, all she wanted to do was give herself a reason to celebrate. She said in an interview with PEOPLE, " I feel like that's something you have to actively cultivate when we're in the middle of a global pandemic." That is why she thought of wearing her wedding dress.

According to the medical staff who administered Studley's vaccine, the Baltimore bride glowed. The nurse said in an interview with the Washington Post, "She was super upbeat and excited, and you could just tell that she was trying to do her part to get the world back to normal."

The people during the vaccination felt that what Studley did was something that brought so much positivity to everyone.

The attire for the second dose

Since the COVID-19 vaccine comes in two doses, a news outlet asked Studley about her plan for the attire during the second dose. The 39-year-old Baltimore woman said she has no idea yet.

She jokingly said, "I should've done it for the second trip because now I've set myself up with an impossible task."

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