Ugly Baby TikTok Challenge Has Moms Embracing Their Children's Flaws

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Moms have been sharing videos and photos of their baby's worst looks in social media's newest obsession, the Ugly Baby TikTok Challenge. While most mothers will say that they have the cutest baby, these TikTok parents are poking fun at their newborn, but it's all in the spirit of lighthearted amusement.

Arkansas mother Lucy Baehr, who works as a professional photographer, became a viral sensation after she shared a clip of her baby girl, Reese. She has big round eyes, a big nose, and a general appearance that the mother didn't expect. Baehr also said that her older daughter, Harper, noticed that Reese looks a little weird.

Since posting Reese's images, the clip has generated over 24.1 million views, and it's still going viral. Some of her followers said that Reese resembles Mr. Bean or Dobby from Harry Potter, and Baehr was not offended at all.

 @lucybaehrShe’s had quite the glowup #DontSpillChallenge #wholesome #babiesoftiktok #newborn  ♬ chicken tikka - han 

In an interview on local TV, the mother said that the Ugly Baby TikTok Challenge normalizes how some babies appear in the first weeks after birth. However, some netizens had concerns that Reese could grow up with self-esteem issues because her mother labeled her as "ugly."   The mom of two isn't listening to the negative criticisms and instead believes that her daughter will be fine and will have a great sense of humor when she grows. Because of her viral video, many mothers said they could relate to having an "ugly baby." Read Also: TikTok 'Blackout Challenge' Claims Another Child's Life, Authorities Issue Warning  

It's Only a Phase

Soon after, a parade of newborns looking like Gollum from the "Lord of the Rings," Gordon Ramsey, or a "40-year-old and 4 month-old," have taken over TikTok. Some moms got extra creative with their presentations by also including their husbands. According to the New York Post, a lot of these clips are generating over a million likes and views. However, most of the mothers who've gotten on the viral bandwagon also shared recent photos and clips of their "ugly baby." Now past the newborn phase, the "Then vs Now" twist reveals their adorable transition.

 @arusso_xo Reply to @zootey101 My big HANDSOME baby now ♬ original sound - Ash & Cell   

Truth be told, it's common for newborns to look odd and less aesthetically pleasing in the first few weeks. Some babies may have a cone-shaped head for days, especially if their moms had a difficult natural birth. Other babies may appear to have yellow skin, rashes, or spots that eventually resolve themselves.

According to a study from the experts at the Brock University in Ontario, it's not unusual for adults to see newborns as ugly. Science said that the "cuteness" of babies evolves by the time they are six months old.

Babies with Progeria

However, about one in 20 million babies are born with a condition called progeria or a newborn characterized by the facial features of an old man. It is a rare genetic disease that causes a child to age at a rapid phase.

Progeria happens when a baby has a defective protein in his genes that triggers the aging process prematurely. This gene, however, cannot be passed on to family members, so it's rare for the baby's siblings to develop the condition, too.

This rapid aging has been tied to many illnesses like hip dislocation, blocked arteries, heart diseases, hip dislocation, and even stroke. But a child with progeria does not lack mental abilities and can be as intelligent as their brightest peers.

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