Netflix Star Laura Prepon Reveals She Left Scientology Since Becoming a Mom

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Laura Prepon, the star of Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black," has revealed that she has not been practicing Scientology since she became a mother in 2017.

In an interview with People, the actress said that becoming a brand-new mom forced her to reflect on her upbringing and find another source that could answer why she's "riddled with anxiety." The actress implied that her beliefs have evolved because of motherhood and affirmed that Scientology is no longer part of her life.

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Prepon said she has always regarded herself as an open-minded person raised in a Catholic and Jewish environment. She also studied Chinese meridian theory but finds most comfort and peace these days in meditating with her husband, actor Ben Foster, who is not a Scientologist. The actress said that meditation not only helps her hear her own voice as it's also something that she and Foster can do together.

How She Got into Scientology

According to the Los Angeles Times, Prepon was introduced to Scientology by her former co-star from "That '70's Show," Danny Masterson in 1999. The actor is currently facing three charges of rape, with the victims also suing the Church of Scientology for allegedly letting them sign documents to let Masterson off the hook.

While Prepon was active in the Church, she dated Masterson's brother, Chris, from 1999 to 2007. Like Danny, Chris was also raised as a Scientologist.

But Prepon isn't the first celebrity who has left Scientology. In 2013, Leah Remini said that she decided to leave because her time at the Church didn't send a good message to her daughter, even if she professed that family should always come first.

In 2015, Prepon defended Scientology amid criticisms of its cult-like operation and discrimination. She credited the Church for her successful career as an actress because its "auditing" process encouraged her to tap and deal with her emotions. She even concluded that Scientology is quite like "magic."

Prepon's Life as a Mom

Today, the TV star is more focused on her family unit. She has had a long-term friendship with Foster since she was 18 years old, but they only started dating in 2016. The couple welcomed their daughter, Ella, in 2017 and decided to get married a year later. In February 2020, Prepon confirmed that she gave birth to their second child, a boy.

The 41-year-old mother said her daughter is a determined girl currently obsessed with mermaids when she used to love unicorns. On the other hand, her son has started to socialize with other kids in his playschool, but Prepon described her boy as calm and observant.

The actress said that having kids made her experience an "overwhelming sense of love" that she never thought was possible. After doing "Orange Is the New Black," Prepon said she's enjoying her break from acting with her kids and has been binging on many series and movies at home.

"Now that I have two kids, everything is a family decision," Prepon said when asked when she plans to come back to the set. But she hasn't entirely given up work as she's also a published author and will soon launch PrepOn Kitchen, her cookware products.

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