Tom Hanks Has Two Grandkids Who Aren't Impressed With His Celebrity Status

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Tom Hanks, 65, might be an Oscar-winning actor two times in his stellar career, but he has two grandchildren who aren't impressed by his Hollywood celebrity status.

His son, actor Colin Hanks, revealed that his daughters, Olivia, 10, and Charlotte, 8, with wife Samantha Bryant, are aware that their grandfather is a famous movie star. However, they have not yet shown any interest in Tom or Colin's big or small screen work.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Colin revealed that his girls might not have caught the acting bug in the family, and it's all the young dad could hope because he wants his girls to choose what they want to do.

"I really am more interested in seeing what they choose to do and what they sort of gravitate toward," Colin said." That's always an important thing for parents to do."

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It's Always a Playdate

However, famous or not, Olivia and Charlotte love their grandfather to bits, and Colin has described his daughters' moments with Tom like a playdate. The "Forrest Gump" star occasionally shared tidbits about his "playdates" with his grandkids on social media posts. The doting grandfather admits that he's in awe of the girls.

Tom once shared that his grandchildren never fail to entertain him. If he's around the kids, they do not need books, radio, or TV. He just sits back and watches his granddaughters do anything.

The well-loved star also has a younger granddaughter from his other son Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles. Michaiah is a biracial child who calls Tom "Pappau," the same moniker Olive and Charlotte call their grandfather.

According to Chet, his father and mother, Rita Wilson, who has been married to Tom for more than three decades, love looking after Michaiah. They feel that they are the coolest grandparents, but Tom admitted that his granddaughters might just be putting up with them in one interview.

An Enduring Love Story

Tom and his wife share one of the most enduring love stories in a fickle town like Hollywood. They met in 1984 as co-stars in the series Bosom Buddies. However, Tom was still married to Samantha Lewes, the mother of Colin and Elizabeth Hanks. They divorced two years later when Colin was seven years old.

The actor married Wilson in 1988, and they expanded their family with Chet and Marlon. In an interview with People Magazine in 2015, Tom said that the secret to his relationship with Wilson is that they still like each other after all these years.

The Hollywood royalty said that he and Wilson didn't have to work hard in their marriage, but they do have to "get over some stuff" as problems are normal in a relationship. Ultimately, however, Tom said that he still looks forward to going home to someone he loves spending time with.

The actor's only advice to young people who plan to start a family is never getting married until they reach 30 years old.

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