Erin Andrews Reveals She's on Her 7th IVF, 'I Am Not Ashamed'

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Erin Andrews, 43, is going on her seventh round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to have a baby with her husband, former NHL player Jarret Stoll.

In an open statement on her official site, the sportscaster has revealed that she has been getting IVF since she was 35 years old in her desire to have children. She described her struggles with fertility as a "time-consuming and emotionally draining process," especially when she does the treatments with a very demanding work schedule.

Andrews, however, said that she's opening up about her IVF struggles because she doesn't want to feel ashamed of her choices. She noted that many women her age might feel the need to keep quiet about their IVF procedures to safeguard their career and the opportunities they could miss, but she wants "to be vocal and honest about this."

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No Guarantees with IVF

The sports journalist said that one of the hardest parts of IVF is knowing that there are no guarantees. She goes through the rounds and the whole experience of an invasive and expensive procedure, knowing that it could fail. Andrews said that this is why many women feel the need to keep quiet about going through IVF.

"Now that it's my seventh time, something just hit me -- Why am I keeping this such a secret when this is just a part of our lives?"

In March, Andrews said in an interview with Bustle that she and Stoll had been determined to have children in "the next couple of years." She admitted to feeling that they're missing out on many things within their social circle because many of their friends have been discussing school and issues with kids.

During her stint with "Dancing With the Stars," Andrews also admitted to some pressure to have kids and a big family because she grew up in the South. She said that everyone she knows has gotten married at 21 years old while she went in the other direction and got her first job at that age.

As a successful sportscaster, Andrews said that she had visited all sports cities in the U.S., but now that she's older, she feels it's time to balance her career with having a family.

Cervical Cancer Survivor

The Fox TV personality was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016, which forced her to discuss her plans to have children with Stoll when they were still dating. In an interview with Health, Andrews said that it was a huge step in their relationship because they were not yet discussing marriage at that time.

However, Stoll was very supportive of Andrews, especially during her cancer treatments and surgery. Her oncologist suggested that they should consider freezing her eggs once she pulls through the cancer procedures. The couple had "very real conversations" about their future together as Andrews won her battle against cancer.

A year after she went into remission, Andrews and Stoll got married and planned to have a family through IVF.

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