Prince Harry to Address Rumors Prince Charles Isn't His Real Father in Upcoming Book

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Prince Harry has plans to discuss the long-standing rumor that his birth father is not Prince Charles but Major James Hewitt in his upcoming memoir.

A source told Radar Online that Harry would focus on starting his memoir with stories about his father as he is aware of his paternity debate. The source added that the Duke of Sussex would not ignore this discussion in his upcoming book.

No member of the British royal family has spoken about this issue since it came to light after the death of Princess Diana, Harry's mother. The source also alluded that Harry will receive $15 million for the book deal, a substantial amount for a very exclusive revelation.

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Who is Major James Hewitt?

Dewitt was a former cavalry officer who also served as Diana's riding instructor. They were involved romantically for years as Prince Charles, Harry's father, was also with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Ken Wharfe, Diana's bodyguard who wrote a book detailing the relationship, said that Hewitt gave the Princess of Wales the attention and affection she yearned.

Diana and Hewitt allegedly rendezvous at a cottage owned by the latter's mother in Devon during their affair. However, by the late 1980s, the relationship ended when Hewitt was stationed in Saudi Arabia and chose his career over Diana.

In 1994, Hewitt also released a book in collaboration with writer Anna Pasternak as he wanted to give his version of his romance with Diana. He said that they had a five-year relationship from 1986 to 1991. Harry was born two years before the affair, but this didn't stop royal watchers from speculating that Hewitt might have been his real dad because both men have the same red-colored hair and similar facial features.

For her part, Diana admitted the affair with Hewitt in her infamous interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama on BBC in 1995. Two years after Diana's tragic death, Hewitt released another book and granted numerous interviews about his relationship with the famous princess, further sparking the rumors about Harry's paternity.

Hewitt Knows Why Rumors Persisted

Despite saying that he cannot be Harry's dad in many interviews, Hewitt believes that the rumors persisted because the story continues to sell papers. In a televised interview for "Sunday Night," Hewitt said he feels sorry for Harry as questions about his real father continue to be widely discussed.

However, old photographs of Prince Philip, Harry's paternal grandfather, show much of their physical similarities. In his 30s, Harry's grandfather also had the same bushy red beard and hair, blue eyes, and cheeky smile. Experts also said that Harry has the Mountbatten-Windsor genes because he's going through the same hair loss experience as Charles.

Meanwhile, Harry said that his memoir, which is due to hit bookstore shelves in late 2022, will be about the man he has become and not about his life as a prince. He wants to show the world the mistakes he has made and the highs and lows of his young life.

"We have more in common than we think," Harry said.

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