John Mulaney Says Olivia Munn's Pregnancy 'Saved Him' Following Rehab

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John Mulaney will be a dad as his girlfriend; actress Olivia Munn is pregnant with his first child. The comedian admitted that the pregnancy news had saved him from further destroying himself following his alcohol and cocaine abuse rehabilitation.

The writer and actor opened up on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" Tuesday that the last 12 months have been such a personal roller coaster year for him. After staying for 60 days in a rehabilitation facility in Pennsylvania -- his second rehab stint within a few months, Mulaney also announced his plans to divorce Anna Marie Tendler, his wife of six years.

But while his previous relationship and substance abuse struggles have been turbulent, he told Meyers that his new relationship with Munn has helped him get his life back on track. The actor said that they started dating right after he got out of the facility.

"She's kind of held my hand through that hell," Mulaney said. "And we're having a baby together."

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How John Mulaney and Olivia Munn Met

Mulaney and Munn were friends for some years before they started dating. They met at a wedding in 2015, and Munn recalled in a HuffPost Live interview that she was obsessed with hanging out with the comedian.

Munn, who was also in a relationship at that time, admitted that she made an effort to stay in touch with Mulaney after the wedding but joked that he never replied to her emails. According to The Sun, they started dating right after Mulaney, and his ex-wife announced their plans to end their marriage.

However, in a separate interview, Tendler said that she didn't see the divorce coming, prompting fans of the ex-couple to tag Munn as a homewrecker. Sources said that Munn and Mulaney were exchanging text messages while he was still in rehab.

In 2019, Mulaney told Entertainment Weekly that he couldn't see himself as a father because he didn't want his children to change his marriage to Tendler. Though he didn't have any kids, Mulaney believes in one solid parenting philosophy: adults should never talk down on their kids.

Meyers Helped with His Intervention

Mulaney also opened up about the drug intervention staged by his friends, including Meyers. The comedian said that he knew right there and then that his substance abuse problems were really bad because his friends and some of his family members had to gather to encourage him to check into a facility.

He admitted to Meyers that he was actually high on drugs while they were having the intervention and kept going to the bathroom to hit cocaine. Mulaney said that he initially felt angry that his friends had to do this intervention but later realized that they cared enough to save his life.

Later in the interview, Meyers told Mulaney that he's happy to see his friend come out on the other side of his harrowing year. The late-night host also said that he's happy for Mulaney and Munn's new chapter as parents.

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