Heartbroken Childless Couple Return Adopted Daughter as Birth Parents Changed Minds

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A childless couple from Virginia was left heartbroken after they were forced to return their adopted daughter to her biological parents because they changed their minds.

Chris and Sarah Howell have been having a hard time conceiving a baby, so they turned to adoption to fulfill their dreams of having a family. Sarah relayed that they were thrilled to be matched with a newborn and enjoyed their new baby for five days when an unexpected call broke her heart.

The adoptive mom said she couldn't believe it when the social worker told them that the birth parents realized they made a mistake and wanted their daughter back. The pain of losing the child was so deep that it felt like an "actual death."

The devastating experience happened in 2018, just days before Sarah found out that she was miraculously pregnant. Doctors have previously informed that couple that their chances of naturally conceiving were at one percent since Sarah suffered from endometriosis.

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Not Grudge Against the Birth Parents

Sarah found out about her pregnancy days before her adopted daughter arrived, and she was worried that losing her would trigger a miscarriage. However, she told the New York Post that she felt no grudge against the birth parents

The mom was still hopeful she could get in touch with the couple who decided to get their baby back if only to tell them how much they loved their baby girl, even if the Howells only spent a short time with her.

"She made us parents," Sarah said. "She helped heal a part of our hearts that infertility broke."

Months later, Sarah and Chris welcomed their biological son, Noah, who renewed their hope for a family. More than a year before Noah's arrival, Sarah experienced depression as she realized they couldn't have a family. She said that her husband was more positive about their life together, but they had to get through marriage counseling so she could deal with her grief.

For three years, the pair tried to have a baby and went through several surgeries and treatments. Each negative pregnancy test plunged Sarah into despair until the adoption broke their hearts all over again.

Another Adoption After Noah

When Noah turned one year old, the Howells received another call from a social worker who wondered if they would love to be the adoptive parents of a baby boy. Fearing a similar experience with their first adoption, Sarah was cautious and fearful that the baby would be taken away from them again.

However, Levi stayed with the family and is now growing up with Noah. In June, the Howells also fostered another baby boy. 

Sarah said that their house has been very active with three boys under three years old. While it takes her forever to clean up after the kids, she doesn't forget to reflect on the fact that this was their prayer for so long. The mom said that the laughter in the house outweighs anything that they've been through as parents.

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