A Friend Defends Denise Richards on Abuse Claims by 'Rebellious' Teenage Daughter With Charlie Sheen

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A friend of Denise Richards has spoken up to defend the actress after Sami Sheen, her 17-year-old daughter with Charlie Sheen, said she lived in an abusive home.

The source told Us Weekly that Richards is like any divorced parent who has a "rebellious teenage daughter." All the celebrity mother wants is to co-parent with her ex-husband so that Sami and her younger sister, Lola, could have boundaries.

The friend said that Richards has no illusions that she could be a friend to the girls at this stage in her daughters' lives. She has to set standard rules in their household because she doesn't want Sami and Lola to be out all night.

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However, Sami shared in a now-deleted TikTok video that she felt trapped in an abusive home and decided to move out of Richards' house to live with Charlie. Sami also shared that she dropped out of school in the said video, but she is happier because she's no longer in the "hell house."

'Sami is Amazing'

Jeff Ballard, who represents Charlie, confirmed that Sami now lives with her dad and that the 17-year-old is doing fantastic with their father. Richard's friend said that Charlie doesn't support his ex-wife's parenting style as he is more of a "good time dad" whose rules aren't set in stone.

"This is why Sami went to live with her dad," the friend said.

In 2020, Richards said on her show, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," that she does not want her girls to grow up with daddy issues, so she never badmouthed her ex-husband. She has also supported the fact that Charlie has to be in their daughters' lives.

Lola, 16, is still living with Richards, but she occasionally stays over at Charlie's with Sami, especially if their mom has to be at work on the set. According to the friend, Richards is sad about Sami's choice to stay away from her mother.

Charlie and Richards met on the set of "Good Advice" in 2000, but they started dating when the actress guest-starred on "Spin City," Charlie's sitcom from 2001. A year later, the pair married and welcomed their daughters until Richards filed for divorce in 2005, while the actor had a relapse for alcohol and drug abuse.

In 2018, Richards remarried Aaron Phypers after years of being together. They share a daughter, Eloise, who was born in 2011. The mom revealed to People that Eloise is a special needs child.

On the other hand, Charlie has an older child, Cassandra, 36, and young twin boys, Max and Bob, from previous relationships. He is believed to be currently dating actress Julia Stambler.

Once the Highest-Paid Actor

Charlie Sheen was one of the highest-paid actors on television and was known for his highly-popular TV series, "Two and A Half Men." However, in 2011, the actor squandered his good fortune after his public meltdown and revealed that he was also HIV-positive.

The actor reflected on that public rant in February 2021, telling E! News that he regrets how he behaved. He admitted that he acted like a juvenile after calling the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, several names and made anti-Semitic references to his co-workers.

Charlie said that the "residual effects" of his drug habit prompted him to engage in self-destructive behavior. The actor said he's been learning and reprocessing his life after having five kids and two divorces.

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