Experts Debunk Nicky Minaj Who Claimed COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Impotency

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Health experts Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh have shut down the claims of rapper Nicky Minaj, who told her 22 million Twitter followers that the COVID-19 vaccine could cause impotency.

Minaj, 38, said that she did not attend the Met Gala event in New York for various reasons, including the vaccination requirement. In a series of posts on the social media platform, the rapper said that she has yet to do enough "research" before she gets the jab.

She also shared that a friend of her cousin in Trinidad and Tobago allegedly became impotent after the vaccination. The celebrity went on to say that the friend developed swollen testicles and got jilted by the girl he was supposed to marry.

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No Evidence, Experts Said

Asked about Minaj's claims, Fauci told the press there was "no evidence" to suggest that the vaccine could impact reproductive health. The doctor also said there was no "mechanistic reason" to even imagine that such a worrying impact on men or women may develop.

The expert, however, clarified that he wasn't blaming Minaj for the misinformation. Fauci also believes that Minaj's statements might have been shared without any bad intention, but he advised the popular rapper to "think twice" before "propagating information that really has no basis."

Deyalsingh, on the other hand, denounced the rapper's claims and said that they verified the case since they didn't want to be accused of ignoring a potentially critical incident. However, the health minister said they ended wasting their time as they could not find any case relating to swollen testicles after the vaccination.

Protest at the CDC

Although the experts have spoken out, fans of Minaj held a protest rally at the Atlanta headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In their masks and gloves, the demonstrators said that Minaj was telling the truth and that more scrutiny should be done on the COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC has stated on its official site that there is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine might "cause fertility problems in women or men."

Minaj said that Twitter sent her account to "jail" after her controversial tweet, but the social media company denied her claims. The rapper also said that the White House invited her to discuss the vaccine's safety and effectiveness. However, a White House spokesperson said that they only offered to call the rapper to let her speak with one of their medical doctors who could answer her questions.

As of September 15, more than 75.8 percent of adults have had their first COVID-19 vaccination in the U.S. Data from the CDC showed that African American and Hispanic communities have a low turnout compared to the Caucasian communities. Fauci and other health experts in the U.S. have sought help from teachers, church leaders, and politicians to improve their vaccination information drive so that more people will decide to get the jab.

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