Andrew Garfield Loses Mom, Lynn Garfield, After Her Long Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

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Andrew Garfield was busy working overseas when he learned that his mother, Lynn Garfield, who lived in England, was on her final days after battling pancreatic cancer for a long time. "The Amazing Spider-Man" actor revealed that his latest movie, "Tick, Tick... Boom!," is a tribute to his beloved mom.

Speaking with The New York Times, Garfield said that while "Tick, Tick... Boom!," under the direction of Lin Manuel Miranda is the story of the famous American playwright Jonathan Larson, he also felt that this movie would honor his mother's memory.

The actor said that his mom "showed me where I was supposed to go in my life" and laid out the right path for him. Working on the movie allowed Andrew to "continue her song" as he also honored the work and legacy of Larson.

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Andrew said he poured his grief into the movie that he almost didn't want the work to end. He said everything had changed for him since his mother's passing, but Lynn was able to tell her son that she was ready to go.

Two Weeks with His Mother

Lynn died before the pandemic hit, and Andrew was working on another movie, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," when he was informed of her condition. He opened up to Variety that the cast and crew, including his co-star Jessica Chastain, encouraged him to go back home so he could be with Lynn.

Before his mother's death, Andrew was already aware that his mother's time was short, but she didn't want her son to stop working on her account. The actor told his mother that he would let him know if it was time, and that's when he got the call to come home to England.

In his mother's last moments, Garfield said that they left nothing unsaid to each other. His father, brother, and all of her mother's close friends, as well as his nephews, were able to say their final goodbyes as well.

"Those last two weeks I got to be with her were probably the most profound two weeks of my life." The actor said it was such a privilege to share this moment with the people who truly mattered in his life.

Hesitant to Open Up

Andrew was hesitant to talk about his loss because it was too personal, but he realized that the death of a parent is a "universal" situation that no one could be prepared for. The actor also realized that speaking about his mother is one way of honoring her, allowing the "essence" of Lynn to live on.

Meanwhile, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" has started streaming on Netflix on Friday, September 17. The movie is about Tammy Faye Bakker, the wife of disgraced TV evangelist Jim Bakker, who Andrew played.

On the other hand, "Tick, Tick... Boom!" will be released in November 2021 in selected theaters in the U.S. The movie also stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alexandra Shipp.

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