Ceres Chill: Mom Invents Revolutionary Breastmilk Storage Solution

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Before Ceres Chill came out in the market, breastfeeding moms had to find clever ways of keeping their pumped milk fresh. Some mothers store breastmilk in the refrigerator while many busy working mothers bring their own cooler at work.

Lisa Meyers, who works as a lawyer, was prompted to develop and eventually sell Ceres Chill because the options for breastfeeding moms like her were unacceptable. She told Forbes in an interview that pumping for breastmilk was already too challenging, so she didn't need any more challenges for storage solutions.

From her experience, coolers do not provide storage for longer hours, which means that she dumped bottles of breastmilk a lot. The stress of it all was impacting not just Meyers but also her children and her work.

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What is Ceres Chill?

Meyers described her invention as a "discreet, sustainable, dual-chamber insulated bottle" that breastfeeding moms may directly connect to their pump. The container has a chiller and a chamber to stabilize the needed cold temperature to keep breastmilk fresh for at least 20 hours.

Ceres Chill looks like a regular stainless-steel thermos and can be conveniently carried inside the baby bag. The chiller's cap has been designed with a cup that weaned babies may drink from. The bottle is also dishwasher safe, which means it can be easily cleaned. Moms can simply chuck the chiller inside the machine after a long day's work.

Meyers received backing from Indiegogo to manufacture the first batches of Ceres Chill in 2019. Over 300 supporters helped fund her product, which quickly sold out on the first release.

Since launching the breastmilk storage solution, Meyers said that retailers had approached her, wholesalers, hospitals, groups of medical or breastfeeding professionals, and other companies. She has learned of stories from moms, especially those in the COVID-19 frontline, who have told her that their lives are now easier because of her invention.

"As a woman, I know how powerful this is. As a mother, I know that my children are proud of me," Meyers told Forbes. She is also proud that her invention is helping many moms in the world as Ceres Chill has received orders from abroad.

Two years since the product's release, Meyers is at a crucial point of deciding to expand her operations, which means she will need investors to ensure that production and delivery are adequately supplied.

Breastmilk Storage Advice

Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said that it is alright to pool breastmilk pumped within a 24-hour window in one container. The experts' group noted that mixing cold and slightly warm milk is better to preserve the milk's nutrients.

In the past, the AAP discouraged combining breastmilk extracted at different hours of the day because of the difference in temperatures since freshly pumped milk is warmer than milk in the storage. However, the process meant more work for the moms since they would need to bring more containers and calculate for timing and temperature. This latest recommendation minimizes milk transfers and reduces the chances of wasting milk fat and calories, which should have gone to the babies in the first place.

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