Keiran Culkin Does Not See His Father as a Good Parent, Talks Grief Over Sister's Death

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"Succession" actor Keiran Culkin opens up about this estranged relationship with his father, Kit Culkin, and said that he was not a good person overall, which also means that he's not a good parent to his children. The Culkin patriarch has been divorced from Patricia Brentup after 21 years of marriage and seven kids, one of whom, Dakota, died in an accident in 2008.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Keiran, 39, said that his dad was not abusive to him per se, but he also did not look up to Kit as a good parent. He recalled a time when their father disappeared from their house for three weeks, but he and his siblings were not worried about it.

"He didn't really belong here, and when he was finally gone for good, it made the most sense," Keiran said.

The HBO star also said that his relationship with Kit was different from what his father had with his famous older brother, Macaulay Culkin. In his memoir, "Junior," the latter wrote that Kit was an abusive dad and felt that he abhorred his kids, especially Macaulay, 41, who suffered years of silence until Kit left their family.

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Keiran Reflects on Sister's Death

While Keiran also started as a child actor, he didn't experience the same popularity as Macaulay, the hugely popular star of "Home Alone." He recalled that his older brother would get harassed on the street by fans. This made Keiran conscious of accepting roles because he did not think he could stomach childhood stardom like Macaulay.

But Keiran said that the worst thing that happened to him was losing his older sister, Dakota Culkin, who was struck by a car in Los Angeles more than 13 years ago. She was 29 years old.

Keiran said he is forever grieving for Dakota and still weeps about her "out of nowhere." Keiran's other siblings are Shane, 45, Quinn, 37, Christian, 34, and Rory, 36, also an actor.

Now a father of two kids, the actor said that he regrets his children will never meet Dakota. There are days when he struggles to talk about her to his own family.

Keiran's Family Life

Keiran is married to Jazz Charton, and they welcomed their second baby, a son, in August. Their daughter, Kinsey, is now two years old. The couple wed in 2013, and Charton has been actively documenting their family life on social media.

It's still unclear, however, if Keiran will influence his kids to get into acting as well. Their dad, an actor on the stage in New York, pushed his children to be performers at such a young age.

Kit and his ex-wife ran a theater called the Light Opera of Manhattan with all of their kids in the production. While some of his other siblings were not interested in an acting career, Kit steered his kids' life on the stage.

Keiran said that despite his early start, he didn't become a technical actor and couldn't take on versatile roles, unlike Macaulay or Rory. It wasn't until he had "Succession" on HBO that he realized he could be good in showbusiness.

Meanwhile, to this day, the Culkin brothers do not have any contact with their father. Their estrangement for their dad runs deep that Keiran wasn't even aware Kit watched him on stage in 2014.

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