Court Confirms Bow Wow as Real Father of Baby He Disowned

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A court has declared that rapper Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, is the biological father of Stone Kamin, born in 2020, who shall be legitimately known as Stone Moss.

In early September, Bow Wow posted that the baby turned one year old on his social media account. He wrote in a photo caption that he loves his son with all his heart, adding the hashtag #babybow under the image.

A few weeks later, during a Q & A with his followers, Bow Wow told a fan who asked about his kids that he only has one child -- his daughter, Shai, 10 years old. He also referred to the song "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson when asked about his new baby. The song is about a man denying that he's the father of a woman's child.

According to reports, Bow Wow made the comment on the day Olivia Sky, Stone's mother, filed for child support. Fans of the rapper have been disappointed by his denial, with one commenter saying that when Bow Wow's son is older, he will get to read about his father disowning him.

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Bow Wow Denies Disowning Stone

However, in an interview on "Tea Jones TV," Bow Wow explained that he has never disowned his son. He also said that he told the fan he was listening to "Billie Jean" because it was the actual song playing in the background while he was cleaning up Stone's crib. He further said that he felt protective of his son, so he answered "the question without answering the question."

Following the court declaration, Bow Wow also told The Neighbourhood that he is blessed to have the baby in his life, adding that he would never deny his own baby.

Bow Wow himself confirmed he did have a son with Sky in 2020 after she sent the rumor mill abuzz when she shared the baby's photo. According to TMZ, the rapper even made a new song about Stone. In "Dealing With My Own Demons," Bow Wow rapped about telling his daughter about his sibling.

Good Relationship with Shai

In 2012, Bow Wow surprised his fans with the news in his now-deleted blog that he's a first-time dad to Shai, with then-girlfriend Joie Chavis. He said he waited to publicly state this fact because "everyone makes a big deal out of everything I do." The rapper shot to fame at six years old after Snoop Dogg discovered him.

Despite Bow Wow ending his relationship with Chavis, he has co-parented and maintained a good relationship with his daughter, who frequently appears on his social media accounts. Shai has expressed a desire to follow in her dad's footsteps in the entertainment industry, and Bow Wow said he would guide his daughter and would gladly take the backseat with her rise to stardom.

Meanwhile, Sky has been hinting that she is struggling to co-parent with her son's father. Early this year, Bow Wow has also accused the Instagram model of wanting fame. Sky responded that she has tried to stay out of the rapper's way and focus on making her own money and becoming a good mother to Stone.

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