Florida Mom, Banned for Volunteering in School Over Her 'Onlyfans' Page, Sues for $1 Million

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A Florida mom who has an "OnlyFans" profile, an adults-only membership website with sexy photos and videos, has filed a $1-million lawsuit against the Orange County Public Schools after being banned from volunteering at her children's school.

Victoria Triece said that she has been helping out at the Sand Lake Elementary school, where her 10 and five-year-old sons enrolled, but she was eventually told that she could stop being a parent volunteer on October 13.

The school received an anonymous letter from another parent who discovered her "OnlyFans" page. Triece said she has yet to receive a formal notice of why she was banned.

During a press conference with her attorney, Mark NeJame, the Florida mom, said she has loved volunteering because it has bonded her with her kids. She has also created a good relationship with the other parents, who have expressed their support for Triece.

"I was humiliated, and I should not, and no one else should be concerned about what another parent does," Triece said.

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Someone Paid to View Her OnlyFans Page

Triece was part of the ADDition program for five years, where the parents helped out students with their assignments and social activities. She said her mother was also a parent volunteer and made her school life and growing-up years more memorable.

NeJame, referred to Triece by another parent, said that his client's case is a frightening precedent that allows authoritarian mentality "to point a discriminating finger" and tell someone they disapprove of that person. But the lawyer pointed out that no one would know about the mom's "OnlyFans" account, especially her kids, because it should only be accessible to adult members who have signed up for a subscription.

Triece said that the affected parent paid to view her content on the website and sent these photos to the school so she could be banned from volunteering. The Florida mom said that volunteering in school entails a background check, which she has passed, and this background check did not include anything about the parents' occupation.

Apart from suing for damages, Triece wants her volunteering status reinstated. While the school district has refused to comment on the lawsuit, they have allowed the Florida mom to chaperone on school field trips for now.

Another Mom Banned for Her "OnlyFans" Page

In 2020, Florida mom Sara Cheek, 29, earned lucratively from her "OnlyFans" page. The money she earned for posting sexy photos and videos on the website has been a big help for her family's finances during the COVID-19 pandemic and after her husband was injured while working as a delivery driver.

However, after people in her children's school found out about her "OnlyFans" page, she was not allowed to go to the school games and practices to support her daughter, a member of the cheer team, and her son, who is in the football team. She was also not allowed to talk to the coaches. Her kids were eventually cut off from their teams.

At one point, Sara's husband, Matt Cheek, confronted one of the coaches, who brought up her "OnlyFans" page. The couple said that this traumatic event happened a year ago, but it still haunts them to this day. Their small community in Tampa has also refused them services at restaurants and grocery stores; thus, they plan to move soon.

The Florida mom said that what she does for a living does not define her as a human being. Outside of "OnlyFans," she is still a mom and wife who is doing everything she can so her kids can have an amazing life. 

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