Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Pacifies Her Toddler Who Interrupted Her Live Address to New Zealand

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For many parents, working from home brings a lot of challenges especially if they have young kids and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently had this experience after her three-year-old daughter, Neve, interrupted her during her live stream to the nation.

Ardern, 41, was updating her countrymen about their COVID-19 restrictions during a live broadcast when her toddler suddenly called out for her mother. Without missing a beat, the mom turned to Neve off-camera and said that she should be in bed. She then proceeded to assure Neve that she will be with her in a bit.

Then, turning to her audience, the prime minister momentarily talked about her parenting struggles of putting her three-year-old to bed, who apparently "escapes" bedtime three or four times in the night. Fortunately, Ardern's own mother is with them and has been tending to Neve when Ardern is busy running the country.

"Sorry, everyone," the prime minister said with a laugh. "I thought, here's a moment, I'll do a Facebook live...we're nice and safe. Thankfully, my mom is here so she can help out."

As Ardern wrapped up her livestream, Neve once again shouted for mommy. Ardern was heard apologizing to her daughter for "taking so long" and then politely told the viewers she has to be with her daughter.

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Details about Ardern's Daughter

Neve, born in 2018 when Ardern was eight months into her term, is the prime minister's only child with her partner, Clarke Gayford. The couple plan on getting married this summer in New Zealand after years of being together.

In an interview with New Zealand Herald, Ardern said that her daughter might be a politician in the making as she enjoys meeting new people. The prime minister relayed that there was once a time when they were in the airport and her daughter decided to just go and talk to a random lady, which made Ardern quite embarrassed. The mom said that she had to explain to Neve that the lady might not want to be disturbed but the child could not understand the boundaries just yet.

Ardern gives a lot of credit to her partner for providing order and stability for their daughter. The prime minister said that Gayford is the consistent "night and morning person" for Neve because Ardern could find herself immersed in her work for long hours that she even forgets to eat or get enough sleep.

To the prime minister, her future husband is a great stay-at-home-father and Ardern also said that she's always grateful for her supportive extended family who shares in the load of raising Neve. She never forgets to acknowledge the "village" around Neve, who don't have any obligation to help but they are willingly stepping up when Ardern is busy.

Juggling Motherhood and Career

In another interview, Ardern confessed that she has a hard time balancing motherhood and her highly-demanding work. This has made her empathize with a lot of working mothers, stay-at-home mothers and solo parents.

To help her manage, Ardern said that her mindset about parenting is not to seek perfection nor does she aspire to be a superwoman. She also keeps an open mind so she could learn how to be a better mother.

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