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Babies At The Critically Ill Baby Aid Center

Fertility  21 January '17

Mom Has 2 Babies Within 10 Months After 6 Years Of Trying To Get Pregnant; Here's How It Happened

Kimberley and Jason Smylie almost gave up on having children when their efforts to conceive naturally and via IVF didn't succeed.

Two people killed after New Zealand earthquake

Dads  15 November '16

Recent New Zealand Earthquake: Two Dead After 7.8 Magnitude Tremor Hit South Island

Several aftershocks have been recorded after the earthquake that hit South Island, which resulted to two casualties. Authorities have issued tsunami warnings but yet to declare a national emergency.

New Zealand Earthquakes & Tsunami: Bible Tells Moon Can Serve As A Sign; Man Predicted NZ Quakes Because Of Supermoon?

Dads  14 November '16

New Zealand South Island Earthquake LATEST Update: Killed Two, Poses Threat To All Countries In The Pacific Ring Of Fire! [DETAILS HERE]

Rrecent 7.8 Magnitude New Zealand Earthquake kills 2 and gets all countries in the Pacific Ring of Fire worried.

Darlington Nagbe Skipped USMNT Call-up, No Trip To World Cup For Midfielder?

Dads  23 October '16

Darlington Nagbe Skipped USMNT Call-up, No Trip To World Cup For Midfielder?

Darlington Nagbe was playing like the finest player in the league and he made the most of every appearance coach Jurgen Klinsmann gave him but suddenly he declined to play in U.S nation team!

Dragon Ball Z And Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dads  21 October '16

'Dragon Ball Super' English Dub Available In Digital Streaming Services Today; 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Has as New Playable Character!

'Dragon Ball Super' English Dub Available In Digital Streaming Services Today; 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse' Has as New Playable Character!

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Games  26 September '16

‘Pokémon Go’ Tips & Tricks: Can Players Hatch Rare Regional Pokémon Outside Of Their Region? Niantic CEO Debunks Claims

Can the four region-specific Pokémon be hatched from Eggs via walking? Niantic CEO John Hanke said that hatching region exclusive Pokémon out of Eggs is only possible if the Eggs are in their natural habitat.

Estelle of Sweden Turns 3 Years Old

Family Life  22 September '16

Sweden Is The Best Country For Raising Children: Expat Families Have Better Quality Of Life, Health & Wellbeing

A new survey found that Sweden is the best country to raise children in. The European nation offers generous childcare benefits and flexible working arrangements and leave schemes to parents.

Bay Area Charities Feed The Needy Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Feeding  22 September '16

When Is It Okay To Feed Babies Solid Food? Starting At 4 Months, Experts Say

Experts have different views on when to start giving solid foods to babies. A new study says. however, that baby-led weaning should begin between 4 and 6 months of age.

Rioters Cause AUD$60m Damage To Nauru Detention Centre

Behavior  16 August '16

The Child Detention in Nauru Must Be Stopped: Royal Commission To Investigate

Leaked documents suggest that there are various child detention centers on Nauru.

Avatar Photo Call

TV/ Movie  14 July '16

'Avatar 2' News & Update: James Cameron To Bring New Zealand's Beauty On The Big Screens? Sigourney Weaver NOT The Big Bad

According to reports, James Cameron may bring New Zealand's wonder in "Avatar 2." Meanwhile, it's not true that Sigourney Weaver will be the new villain in the upcoming film.

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

Games  13 July '16

‘Pokémon Go’ Outrage: Museums & Memorial Sites Cry Foul Over ‘Disrespectful’ Pokémon Hunters

Administrators said visitors playing "Pokémon Go" while touring the site is a form of disrespect and inappropriate. They plead players to avoid the game while they're on the site's grounds.

Tracy Paul & Co Presents Pokemon Afternoon Soiree

Games  11 July '16

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: One Man Complains After Making His House A Pokemon Gym And Loses Privacy; Malware- Infected Version Up For Download, How To Avoid Downloading The Wrong Version?

According to reports, one private property was turned into a "Pokemon Go" gym and the owner did not like it. Meanwhile, a Malware-infected version of "Pokemon Go" is available for download, check out for it.

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

Games  1 July '16

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Testers Share Feedback; Game Is Fun And Frustrating At The Same Time

Some players were disappointed with "Pokemon Go" but others find it fun and just as exciting as the other Pokemon games.

Enthusiasts Attend The Blitz Party

Medicine  21 June '16

Drug For Osteoporosis Could Prevent Breast Cancer In Women By Targeting Faulty Gene

The drug Denosumab targets marker protein carried by cancer precursor cells. Women with faulty BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have higher risks of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer

Health/Nutrition  18 June '16

Prostate Cancer News: Registry Aims to Keep Tab of Patients for Better Treatment

This registry is said to be able to help monitor a prostate cancer patient's progress to better apply the appropriate treatment.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Pregnancy  10 June '16

Pregnancy Test Being Monitored Due To Reports Of False Negative Results

Reports of false negative results and technical faults have prompted New Zealand health authorities to monitor a pregnancy test kit.

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

Games  9 June '16

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Evolution Requires Candies; Beta Invitation Sent Out

According to reports, the beta invitations for "Pokemon Go" is already sent out. Meanwhile, the Pokemon evolution will now be using candies.

Villages Left Devastated By Mount Sinabung Eruptions

Development  6 June '16

These Are The Benefits Children Get From Engaging In Rough Play And Play Fighting

Experts believe that children should be allowed to engage in playful aggression. They belive that rough play and play fighting will improve kids' academic and social skills.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  3 June '16

Children With Disabilities Suffer From Shocking Sexual, Physical And Emotional Abuse In South Africa Town

Children with disabilities often suffer from physical, sexual and emotional abuses. Aside from these, they are also facing exclusion from schools and their communities.

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

Games  2 June '16

'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Beta Testing In The US Begins; Title Coming Out This Month?

According to new reports, "Pokemon Go" could be arriving this month.

2016 Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

Fun & Games  24 May '16

Lego Toys Are Becoming More Violent To Attract Children’s Attention In The Digital Age, Study Says

According to a new study, Lego products have slowly turned brutal in the past years.

Tracy Paul & Co Presents Pokemon Afternoon Soiree

Games  23 May '16

'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Beta Testing Available In US; Title Coming Out This Summer?

Niantic Lab announced that field testing for "Pokemon Go" is expanding in the U.S. Meanwhile, there are rumors that the title will be released this summer.

Mobile Food Pantry Serves The Needy In Upstate New York

Family Life  19 May '16

Rate Of Unmarried Parents Globally Rises Up To 31%; Religious Countries Also Seeing Increase In Numbers

Countries around the world, even religious ones, are seeing increasing numbers of unmarried parents cohabiting. The families of unmarried parents often miss out on important economic benefits.

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