Pregnancy With Period? Mom Shares Her Unique Experience on TikTok, Doctor Explains What Happened

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It's general knowledge that when a woman has a baby, her period will stop flowing for the next nine months but this was not the case for Nydia Maritza, who was shocked to learn that she has been pregnant for six months but her period was still regular.

Maritza, who hails from Kansas, shared in a now-viral video on TikTok that she took a pregnancy test upon her sister and friend's prodding because she seemed "different." She noted that she was certain she wasn't pregnant because she was on birth control pills and just had her period three weeks prior.

A few minutes into her home pregnancy test, Maritza learned that was positive so she immediately set up an appointment to see a doctor. At the clinic, she was initially told that she was likely six weeks in the family way based on the bump on her belly. However, following an ultrasound, the doctor informed her that she was entering her 24th week of pregnancy. The ultrasound also revealed that her baby has formed "limbs, toes and facial features."

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More Women Claiming Pregnancy with Period

Maritza realized that she has only three more months before she's emotionally, mentally and physically ready to have the baby. She has never suspected the pregnancy because her stomach remained rock hard, apart from having her regular monthly period. However, following the check-up with the doctor, Maritza said that her baby belly "grew overnight."

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Though her pregnancy might be a rare case, some TikTok users posted in the comments that they also didn't suspect a pregnancy because they were menstruating every month. One mom said that she had regular periods, no weight gain, and no morning sickness but she delivered twins in the seventh month of her surprising pregnancy.


What Really Happened to Nydia

In a separate video, Maritza played a "doctor" and gave the facts about her pregnancy with period. She said that her "menstruation" might have been pregnancy spotting because she still taking birth control pills. When she went off the pills, her "menstruation" also stopped.

Dr. Mary Minkin, a Yale University of Medicine OBGYN professor who is not Maritza's doctor, believes that the mom could be bleeding from other causes and she interpreted this as "having her period." This is part of the reason why all OBGYNs require pregnant moms to report any signs of bleeding as there could be many factors.

The doctor also said that a woman's biological makeup while pregnant leads to a high amount of progesterone hormone. If she has high progesterone, it is, therefore, impossible for her body to have periods since periods cause progesterone withdrawal.

Minkin also said that birth control pills can still be inconsistent and fail to prevent pregnancy, especially if a woman skips it. Studies show that it is common for women to forget their pills at least four times during a cycle. Fortunately, Maritza gave birth to a healthy baby named Roman and said that she now knows better about the chances of getting pregnant while on birth control pills.

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