Adele Reveals Son Watched Her Perform for the First Time in 'One Night Only' Concert

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Award-winning singer Adele is used to the applause of a packed crowd but her special concert for CBS, dubbed "One Night Only," was a lot more meaningful because it was the first time her son, Angelo Adkins, 9, watched her performance on the stage.

During the concert in Los Angeles to promote her new album, "30," Adele told her fans that she's especially honored to be singing again after nearly six years of hiatus because her son is in the audience. She looked to the crowd for Angelo and directly told her son that this night was truly unforgettable for the two of them. 

Adele followed this up with a post on Twitter and wrote that she has "never been so nervous" to have her son watch her live at the concert. However, Adele clarified that Angelo was able to see his mother rehearse many times before when the seats "would be empty," but the vibe was different between rehearsals and live performances. 

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Starting to Understand Mom's Fame

Adele sat down with Oprah Winfrey for the CBS special and shared that she brought Angelo to a Taylor Swift concert once in 2018 and was absolutely impressed by her big audience. The singer also said that her nine-year-old is slowly understanding that his mother is famous but not in the same level as Swift.

In another interview with Vogue, Adele said that she is not "Adele" the famous singer to her son. Kids in school would sometimes ask Angelo about his mother but it only annoys the boy because, as Adele joked, she's the one who "wipes" her son's behind

Meanwhile, Adele's new album is, in many ways, created for Angelo as it is filled with songs about conversations the mom would like to have with her son, especially about her divorce from his father, Simon Konecki. The "Easy on Me" hitmaker admitted that she's still not over-processing how she "dismantled" the life of her Angelo in favor of her own happiness as a divorced woman.

Adele and her ex-husband separated in 2019 when Angelo was about seven years old. Their divorce became official in March 2021. Admittedly, news of the breakdown of her marriage filled Adele with embarrassment because she felt she "didn't do a good job" of working it out with Konecki.

The ex-couple, however, are still friends and are co-parenting Angelo. She has only good words for her ex-husband because Konecki gave her and Angelo stability during their years of being together.

More Children with New Boyfriend?

Following her divorce, Adele has been publicly seen with her new boyfriend, Rich Paul, who works as a sports agent representing the likes of NBA's LeBron James. The singer said that their romance started when he invited her to a "business meeting" in early 2021 but they have been hanging out with a group of friends prior to this one-on-one time together.

Adele also confessed that she finds it easy to relate to Paul because he's funny, smart and hilarious. She has been open to having more children as well but digressed that it will not be the "end of the world" if she doesn't have any more kids because she has Angelo.

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