Halle Berry Said She's 'Married' to Van Hunt, Thanks To Her Son

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Halle Berry has made public her relationship with Van Hunt since September 2020 and after more than a year together, the actress revealed that she has been "married" to her beau by none other than her son, Maceo-Robert Martinez, who is eight years old.

During the red carpet event for her new movie "Bruise," Entertainment Tonight reporter Kevin Frazier asked Berry when she plans on making it official with Hunt. While the actress' boyfriend said that he would love the idea of taking their relationship to the next level, Berry interjected by saying that their relationship has been official.

Hunt, 51, realized that Berry, 55, was referring to her son, Maceo, and told Frazier that the eight-year-old child "married" them together. Maceo is Berry's son with her ex-husband Olivier Martinez.

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Get to Know Maceo

Maceo's father, who is also an actor, met Berry on the set of the movie, "Dark Tide." Berry said that her pregnancy with Maceo has been "the biggest surprise of her life." The actress has an older daughter, Nahla Aubry, with ex-partner Gabriel Aubry.

Berry gave her son such a unique name, which means a "gift from God" while his second name, Robert, is from Olivier's father who was a Spanish boxer. At that time, Olivier and Berry insisted that Maceo's name should be hyphenated so that he reflects both "old world and new world."

However, Berry's relationship with Maceo's father ended in divorce after two years. The ex-couple co-parent their young son but Maceo also has a solid relationship with Nahla, who is five years older than him.

Meanwhile, Berry has a different relationship with Nahla's father, who is also an actor. Berry and Aubry have been facing off in court to contest the custody arrangements and child support payments for her teenage girl.

As an award-winning celebrity, Berry has a name and pedigree in Hollywood, which makes her children a target for celebrity tabloids. As a protective mom, Berry rarely shares images of her children on social media.

However, at the height of the pandemic quarantine, Berry shared a video of Maceo in high heels and said that she has been talking to her son about gender stereotypes. Though the mother was criticized for the video, she told critics to have some compassion, especially in the pandemic. She also said that Maceo is coping with the lockdowns and was simply trying to "have a ball."

Falling in Love with Van Hunt

In mid-2020, Berry, who swore off getting married again after three divorces, revealed that she is in a new relationship with Hunt. Sources close to the actress said that he taught her to love again after her negative experiences with other men.

Hunt is a Grammy winner and is an Urban/Alternative artist. He's also father to a teenage boy named Drake but he keeps the life of his child away from the prying eyes of the public.

Incidentally, Hunt had significant participation in "Bruise" as he did some of the scores for Berry's film, which will stream on Netflix. The actress said that she has been waiting for a man like Hunt to impact her life.

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