Teenager Warns of Hair Makeover Mistake That Sent Her to the Emergency Room

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A teenager has shared a harrowing experience to her followers on TikTok to warn them about the one hair makeover mistake that sent her to the hospital emergency room.

Seraya Ellison, 19, should have known how to avoid the hair makeover mistake because she has been dyeing her hair since she was in middle school. However, she learned the hardest and most painful way that allergies to hair dyes can happen to anyone at any time, especially if the person uses cheap products.

In a viral post, Ellison showed the effect of her hair makeover mistake and explained that it happened because she skipped and failed to do a patch test before applying the dyes. As a result, Ellison's face started swelling to the point where she was hardly recognizable.

TIKTOK VIDEO - https://www.tiktok.com/@ser.gaya/video/6985616272767651078

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'It Will Heal Itself'

In another interview, Ellison told Buzzfeed that she felt nothing unusual after skipping the patch test because she was used to feeling some mild irritation on her hairline and ears. In the past, the irritation would usually go away after a few hours and "heal itself" so she thought nothing of what was happening to her hair and face.

When Ellison woke up in the morning, her boyfriend was shocked to see that her forehead was swollen. Still untroubled, Ellison took Benadryl and then went to work. Only, her swelling worsened by the hour so she went home. Her mother saw her appearance and decided to bring her to the emergency room.

A dermatologist, who never saw such a reaction to the hair dye before, examined Ellison and tried to keep the swelling down with a serum. When nothing happened, Ellison, with the help of her mother, moved to an urgent care facility where they got a second opinion.

She was told she developed an allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine, or PPD, a common ingredient for hair dyes. The urgent care doctor gave Ellison steroids and told her to keep on taking Benadryl. She was also told that ice packs might help with the swelling.

Days after her emergency, Ellison posted another video to show that her allergy has subsided. She reminded her followers, especially other teenagers who love to do their own hair makeover, to follow the directions of the products they use carefully.

SECOND TIKTOK VIDEO: https://www.tiktok.com/@ser.gaya/video/6987477022465330438

Doctor's Warning

Dr. Geeta Yadav, a board-certified dermatologist, said that many people who have been dyeing their hair for years easily assume that they won't have problems with the products they use. However, allergies could still erupt because the skin can develop sensitivity over time.

While most people do not have any issues with PPD, some can develop an aversion to it, especially if eczema is common in their families. Some people can be allergic as well because of repeated exposure, so this can be unpredictable. To be safe, doing a patch test is always recommended, regardless of how often a person has relied on the hair product.

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