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Hair Dye During Pregnancy

Moms  20 April '17

Hair Treatment During Pregnancy: Mom Nearly Loses Baby From Extreme Allergic Reaction

Mom Jess Stratchan endured her allergies from the hair dye chemical for days. Her doctor told her an internal reaction would've killed her baby.


News  7 March '16

Study: Children at Risk for Peanut Allergy Can Develop a Lasting Tolerance With Supervised Exposure Therapy

A new study revealed that supervised exposure therapy can last in children who are at risk of being allergic to peanuts.

Travelers Embark On Holiday Travel Day Before Thanksgiving

Toddler  28 February '16

Passengers Emotionally Tortured Kid After Having Allergic Reaction To Pets

A boy has been emotionally tortured over allergic reaction to the dog on board. Find the full story here.

Lone Star Tick

Health/Nutrition  9 August '14

So Now You’re A Vegan: How One Small Bug Bite Can Change Your Appetite

Causing quite a bit of stir in parts of the Southwest, scientists discover that a rash outbreak of forced-veganism is likely due to a simple bug bite—but it’s not a temporary issue physicians say.

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