California Clinic Gave 14 Kids Wrong COVID Vaccine Dose, 2 Experienced Side Effects

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A pediatric clinic gave the wrong COVID vaccine dose to 14 children under 11 years old during a weekend vaccination rollout in the Bay Area in California, where two of the kids experienced some concerning side effects.

Parents Shawn and Denise Iserloth told ABC News that their children, ages eight and 11, developed bad stomach aches a few days after their vaccination. They were reportedly injected with 20 micrograms of COVID vaccine, instead of recommended dosage of 10 micrograms for kids their age.

The mother said that she took her children to Sutter Health. At least 10 hours after the vaccination, someone from the clinic got in touch with them to advise about the wrong dosage. Iserloth added that her eldest child fell down to the floor two times within those hours.

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98 Kids Given Over Diluted Vaccine

Following the incident, Sutter Health issued a statement to address the parents and said that they are reviewing what happened to prevent another mistake. Dr. Jimmy Hu, the chairman of Sutter Health said that patients' safety remains their top priority.

Worries of potential long-term side effects have been brought to light but UCSF's Dr. Peter Chin-Hong assured the parents that their children's bad reactions, including muscle aches, headaches, or fever and chills, are expected. Chin-Hong said that younger kids were also given 20 micrograms of COVID vaccine during the clinical trials without any negative side effects.

It comes after 98 children also received the wrong COVID vaccine dosage in Maryland. According to reports, the South Lake Elementary School clinic advised the parents five days after the vaccination.

Health and Human Services Director Dr. Raymond Crowel of the Montgomery County confirmed that a staff member, who was following protocol, over diluted the vaccine with a saline solution. An over diluted vaccine means that the children will have to be revaccinated as soon as possible.

"We are working to correct the mistake that was made," Crowel said. "We'll give some sense that they can trust the system and trust the vaccine to deliver those doses."

COVID Vaccine Rollout for Kids Ramps Up

Meanwhile, almost 10 percent of children under 11 years old have gotten their first Pfizer dose as of mid-November. According to White House coronavirus coordinator, Jeff Zients, the rollout among the children has been faster compared to the adults. Zients recalled that it took 50 days for healthcare centers to reach 10 percent of the first jab among adults in early 2021.

The coordinator also acknowledged that the pace of vaccination rollouts has been accelerating. Around 80 percent have received their first injection among the 12 and older age group and nearly 31 million healthcare workers have had their booster shots.

Families welcome the vaccination in younger children because this would mean that they can have a safer holiday gathering. With vaccinated kids, the chances of infecting vulnerable members of the family, such as the grandparents, goes down significantly, according to Robert Wachter, the medical chairperson of UCSF.

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