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Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins

Children  21 April '17

Authorities Find Teacher And Abducted Student In CA After Six Harrowing Weeks

The authorities had captured the Tennessee teacher who abducted a student he reportedly had an affair with.

New Mexico Lawmaker Outlaws 'Lunch-Shaming' Decades After Experiencing It First-Hand During Childhood

Parenting  13 April '17

New Mexico Lawmaker Outlaws 'Lunch-Shaming' Decades After Experiencing It First-Hand During Childhood

Sen. Michael Padilla was made to clean the school cafeteria and he had to befriend cafeteria workers, so he could get a decent hot lunch at school. This year, no kid will experience that anymore, at least in New Mexico.

Teen Stuns Prom Crowd After Getting Dumped By A Girl; Arrives With Kylie Jenner As Date

Children  11 April '17

Teen Stuns Prom Crowd After Girl Dumped His Promposal, Arrives With Kylie Jenner As Date

Kylie Jenner crashed a California prom and surprised everyone for going out with a lucky junior student, and no one knows how the pair arrived to date each other that night.

Planned Parenthood

Health/Nutrition  31 March '17

Federal Appeals Court Orders Banning Of Release Of Anti-Abortion Group Videos Against Planned Parenthood

An anti-abortion group secretly recorded Planned Parenthood employees in an attempt to expose the abortion organization.


Infant  29 March '17

San Diego County Health Officials Confirm Baby Born To Mother Infected With Zika Has Microcephaly

San Diego County health officials confirmed that a baby was born with microcephaly in the area.

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy  9 January '17

Unmarried School Principal Demoted From Post Because Of Pregnancy? Claims Officials Were Wary Over What Parents Would Say

A school principal, who is unmarried but pregnant, claimed that she got demoted from her job because of her situation.

Rose Parade

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Local Teenagers Who Have Saved Lives Via CPR Will Be Honored At This Year's Rose Parade

Teenagers who have saved lives via CPR will be honored at the Rose Parade this year.

Oakland trees

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Another Tree-Falling Event Takes Life Of Teenager, Family Sues California For Incident

A tree fell last year and the family of the killed teen is suing California.

Tree falls down at wedding party

Family Life  20 December '16

Large Tree Falls During Wedding Party, One Dead And Child In Critical Condition; Drought In California Possible Reason For Tree's Weakening?

A large eucalyptus tree fell and killed one during a wedding party in California.

Alex Ghassan

Family Life  8 December '16

Oakland Warehouse Fire Update: Refrigerator, Wirings Probable Cause; Father Of Twin Girls Posted Video An Hour Before Death

A father of four-year-old twin girls is said to be one of the victims at the Oakland Warehouse fire.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Family Life  6 December '16

Gender Neutral Parenting: Is It Breaking Stereotypes On Children Or Denying Them Clarity?

Some parents have adopted the gender neutral parenting approach. Despite the parenting style's good intentions, experts have slammed it and stressed that it is confusing children and denying them clarity on their identity.

7-Year-Old Boy No Longer Needs To Wear Helmet Thanks To 3D Skull Implant

Health  29 November '16

This Boy Almost Lost Half Of His Skull But Now Has A New One Through 3D Printing

Who knew that a 3D printer could change this boy's life forever? Learn the story here.

Venice Beach

Pregnancy  23 November '16

Venice Beach Stabbing: Pregnant Woman Visiting Venice Beach Stabbed To Death, Attackers Still On The Run

A pregnant woman visiting Venice Beach was stabbed to death.

Immigrant Respite Center Aids Families Seeking Asylum In U.S.

Infant  23 November '16

California Woman Carries, Gives Birth To Own Grandson! Daughter ‘Totally’ Weirded Out

A woman in California gave birth to her own grandson on Oct. 22. Megan Barker did it for her daughter, who can't bear a child of her own due to a disorder in her uterus and cervix.

Anti-Trump protesters Continue To Demonstrate Across The Country

Teens/Young Adults  16 November '16

Teen Girl Is Bullied And Attacked For Being A Donald Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

You wouldn't believe the amount of violence this video has for a Trump supporter.

Los Angeles Area Students Organize Large Anti-Trump Protest

School  16 November '16

California Bay Area Schools Ease Minority & Immigrant Students’ Fears Through ‘Restorative Circles’ After Donald Trump's Win

Schools in Bay Area, California are making efforts to ease minority and immigrant students' fears. They do this through restorative circles and teaching children their rights.

Jennifer Garner at Baby2Baby gala

Dads  15 November '16

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Reconciliation Update: 'BVS' Star Shows Support To Honoree Ex-Wife At Baby2Baby Gala

Jennifer Garner awarded at the Baby2Baby Gala and estranged husband, Ben Affleck, shows support during their Sunday mass.

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Health/Nutrition  14 November '16

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Some States; Here Are The Things People Should Still Need To Know Despite The Law Allows The Use Of It Now

Weed is now legal is some states, but there are still things that people should be aware of when dealing with it.

Stephen Curry

Dads  14 November '16

Stephen Curry Cheating Update: Six Months After The Scandal, Who Is Roni Rose And Was There Cheating? [DETAILS HERE]

Roni Rose and Stephen Curry cheating issue made her instantly famuos and everyone wants to know who she is.

California students

School  10 November '16

California Not Happy Over Donald Trump's Presidential Win? Students Hold Protests Across State

Students and the youth hold protests and walk out of their classes over Donald Trump's win.


Teens/Young Adults  8 November '16

STD In Teens Reach All-Time High, Most Number Of Cases Recorded In California; What Is The Reason Behind This?

STD in teens is said to be on the rise and California has the most number of cases.

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

Dads  7 November '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Update & Guide: Daily Bonuses Added! Stardust, XP & More Items Rewarded; Which Regions Are Getting The Tracker?

The new “Pokémon GO” update introduces daily bonuses that will give rewards to players who don’t just check in with the game every day, but also performs certain tasks. Finding nearby Pokémon via an official tracker from Niantic is also possible again.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Speaks At The Cannabis Business Summit And Expo

Health/Nutrition  3 November '16

Proposition 64 In California: Oakland Considers Taxing Weed Dispensaries, Embrace Recreational Pot Use

Oakland, Calif., a frontrunner in the cannabis industry, might have a revised tax system for cannabis and possibly vote yes for Proposition 64 or Adult-Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA).

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