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Brock Turner

School  3 November '16

Stanford Rape Case Update: Sexual Assault Survivor Is Glamour's Woman Of The Year

The victim of Brock Turner is Glamour's woman of the year.

DIRECTV And Operation Gratitude Provide A Day Of Service At The Fifth Annual DIRECTV Dealer Revolution Conference

School Age  31 October '16

Halloween 2016: Soldiers Miles Away Get To Receive Halloween Candies As Children Share Their Trick-Or-Treating Sweets For Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is ongoing and troops will get to have a taste of the trick-or-treating candies that they received.

50th Anniversary Of CPR Marked In San Francisco

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Heart Attack Rates In America: Which U.S. Communities Have The Healthiest, Weakest Hearts?

Some cities in the United States have many residents with healthy hearts and aren't susceptible to heart attacks. Others, however, have people with weak hearts and are prone to heart attacks.

Rene Lopez

Teens/Young Adults  25 October '16

Father Sentenced To 1,503 Years Imprisonment For Incestuous Rape, Verdict Dubbed As The Longest Known Sentence Handed Down In Fresno

A father was sentenced to 1,503 years behind bars for raping his daughter repeatedly in the course of four years.

Diversity In Schools

School  20 October '16

Teacher Diversity In America: Why Students Prefer Black & Latino Teachers Than Whites

It turns out that students in the U.S.prefer having black and Latino teachers than white teachers. The pupils believe that their black and Latino teachers were “clearer” or easier to understand during classroom lessons than their white teachers.

California Schools To Expand On Bilingual Education From English-Only Education

School  18 October '16

Bilingual Education News & Updates: Why California Schools Choose To Expand On Bilingual Education From English-Only Instruction

Californian education law of 1998 emphasize on English-only instruction in schools. The law makers are asked to make some changes this November bringing in bilingual education.

Pokemon GO App Popularity Soars As Australians Join Worldwide Craze

Games  17 October '16

‘Pokémon GO’ New Update: Tracker Beta To Have A Wider Release Soon? FastPokéMap Rises Again

Niantic promised that a “Pokémon GO” tracker is coming to players’ way and they seemed to be fulfilling that when they rolled out an overhauled tracking feature in beta, but only in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The biggest question by players out of the location is whether Niantic will release the “Pokémon GO” tracker in other areas soon.


Health/Nutrition  11 October '16

959 Pounds Of Lunchables Recalled By Kraft Heinz Due To Misbranding, Undeclared Allergens

959 pounds of Lunchables were recalled by Kraft Heinz due to allergy-related matters.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Behavior  5 October '16

Bullying Victim In California Ignored By Teachers: 9-Year-Old Boy Covered In Bruises & Had Kidney Damage

Aiden O’Brien, a 9-year-old student from a Fairfield-California elementary school, went home one day with an ACE bandage wrapped around his wrist and arm. Aside from the bruises on his back and face, the child was also punched by his peers in the kidneys so much that “he had a hard time peeing that entire day.”

Delphi Automotive Showcases Its Driverless Car, After Completing Cross Country Trip

Technology  3 October '16

California Gov Will Now Allow More Driverless Cars Companies For Testings

Locals in California will now see more driverless cars.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism  3 October '16

Autism Caused By Prenatal Chemical Exposure? Researchers Studying Baby Teeth Of Children To Determine Risk Factors

A study will determine whether children's prenatal exposure to chemicals increases their risk of developing autism. The research will examine children's teeth for levels of environmental chemicals that they might have been exposed to during pregnancy.

Hollywood Unites For The 5th Biennial Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), A Program Of The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) - Arrivals

News  28 September '16

Jordana Brewster’s Sons Have Sibling Rivalry: ‘Lethal Weapon’ Actress Says Elder Child Is ‘Gunning For Attention’

Jordana Brewster's two sons, Julian and Rowan, are going through a minor sibling rivalry. The 3-year-old Julian, though -- despite the rivalry concern -- is a good and incredibly sweet big brother to baby Rowan.

Halloween Set To Be The Warmest On Record

Family Life  19 September '16

It’s Not Just Infidelity Or Lying: These Silent Threats Slowly Destroy Marriages

Infidelity and lying are not the only marriage killers. Some couples have habits that can slowly destroy their marriages over time.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

School  19 September '16

Students Are More Successful In Preventing Bullying In School Than Teachers & Adults

A student-to-student approach tends to be a better anti-bullying movement. Bullying is most rampant in middle school, with verbal and social discrimination as its most common types.

Children Spend Their Hanuka Holidays At A Surfing Camp

Autism  15 September '16

Children With Autism Find Surfing Peaceful & Therapeutic

Surfing can be therapeutic for kids with autism. Surfers Healing is a non-profit organization that gives children with autism a better quality of life by exposing them to surfing, where the children can find peace and calm.

Funeral Held For Coretta Scott King

Behavior  26 August '16

Do American Teenagers Disrespect The Bible? Millennials’ Sense Of Individualism Drives Them Away From Religion

American teenagers still respect and have interest for the Bible. Teens in the country are often believed to be faithless and are anti-religion. Millennials, however, are losing interest over religious involvements.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Fun & Games  9 August '16

California News: While Playing Pokemon Go, College Baseball Player Was Shot To Death

Calvin Riley, out in the park with his friend, was busy catching Pokemons when an unknown gunman shot him dead.

U.S. Gas Prices Soar To Record National Average

Money  8 August '16

California Oil Industry: Gap Between Wholesale And Retail Gas Price Doesn't Make Sense

California oil companies buy gas at one of the lowest prices in the U.S. but sell it at one of the highest prices in the country.

 The Final Weekend Before Pubs And Clubs Can Apply For Extended Licences

Teens/Young Adults  5 August '16

Gambling With Children: Stockton Mayor Accused Of Playing Strip Poker With Minors And Giving Them Alcohol

Mayor Anthony Ray Silva is facing charges of contributing delinquency to minors by providing them with alcohol and secretly recording them without consent.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism  29 July '16

Autism And Development: Early Intervention Programs Help Autistic Children Blossom

The Monroe County Early Intervention Program teaches parents of children with autism how they need to interact with the patients, News 10NBC reported. Laurie Elson, whose son Charlie has autism, said they were "able to build an appropriate and happy relationship" with the child and made him blossom.

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

Homeschooling  28 July '16

Homeschooling Parents In California County Told That Homeschooling Was Illegal

Parents in a county in California were told that homeschooling breaks the law.

16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Backstage And Audience

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  26 July '16

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce & Reconciliation: 'Miracles From Heaven' Star Pregnant, Flaunts Baby Bump, NOT True; Divorce Just A PR Stunt?

According to reports, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are not expecting. However, their divorce drama is just a PR stunt.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism  20 July '16

More Children Diagnosed With Autism In California: Number Of Autistic Students Jumped To 6,500 In Recent Years

The number of autistic students has increased between 5,000 and 7,000 annually in California. Nationwide, one of 68 children are living with an autism spectrum disorder, with the condition four to five times more common among boys than girls.

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