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Premiere Of Gravitas Ventures' 'Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of' - After Party

News  28 October '15

'Dancing With The Stars' Contestant Nick Carter, Wife Lauren Kitt Expecting First Child

The "Backstreet Boys" singer Nick Carter will soon be a dad. New reports claim that Carter and wife Lauren Kitt are expecting their first child.

Celine Dion Visits Disneyland

News  16 October '15

Celine Dion, Son Charles Share Rare Selfie; Singer Grants Husband Rene Angelil's Dying Wish

The Canadian singer and songwriter Celine Dion is in a tough battle. Her husband Rene Angelil has been fighting a losing battle against throat cancer for almost two decades now, but the mom of three remains strong and hopeful.

LACMA 50th Anniversary Gala Sponsored By Christie's - Red Carpet

News  2 July '15

Jim Carrey Calls Gov. Jerry Brown a 'Fascist' Over California's Strict New Vaccination Law

Earlier this week California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a new strict bill that removes most of the state's vaccination exemptions.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

null  26 June '15

'Falling Skies' Noah Wyle & Sara Wells Welcome a Baby Girl -- Get The Details!

Another celebrity child is born, Noah Wyle and actress wife Sarah Wells welcomed their baby girl on Monday, Wyle's spokeswoman confirms the good news to E! News.

Michael Jackson Immortalized With Hand And Footprint Ceremony At Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Family Life  17 June '15

Michael Jackson's Son, Blanket, Changes Name Due to Bullying: 'He Hated It!' -- New Name Here!

Michael's Jackson's youngest son, Blanket Jackson, has changed his name after years of bullying.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health/Nutrition  5 June '15

Report: Anti Vaccine Movement Mostly Parents From Rich, White Areas

A new report published in Pediatrics has put a face on the anti vaccination movement and it suggests that the majority of the population come are white parents from affluent communities.

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards On NBC - Press Room

News  18 May '15

Justin Timberlake Taking a Break for Jessica Biel & Baby

The actor-singer is declaring that he's taking time off from doing music and filming movies to become more hands-on with Silas.

A little boy getting a vaccination.

Family Life  8 April '15

Vaccination Debate & Controversy: Anti-Vaccine Parents Can't Claim Benefits?

A new controversy surrounding vaccine benefits now have parents reeling. ABC Australia reported that parents who have not had their kids vaccinated might just get refusal from receiving governmental benefits.

A prosthetic hand.

Family Life  2 April '15

Parents Got 7-Year-Old Faith Lennox a $50 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand & She Loves It!

Losing a hand is a tragic experience that no one deserves to experience. 7-year old Faith Lennox is no exception.

Hebei North University Students Scrub-In

Health/Nutrition  9 August '14

Twice As Likely To Lose a Limb—How Poverty Affects Diabetes

Exposing the large gap in the current healthcare system, with a particular focus on disadvantaged populations, a new study from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UC Los Angeles reveals that lower-income individuals suffering with diabetes have a significantly larger chance of amputation than those living in wealthier areas.

Supermoon Rises Over Washington Monument

News  9 August '14

Supermoon & Perseids Meteor Shower will Cover Night Sky this Aug. 9-12 Weekend [LIVE STREAM Info]

A summer filled with many memorable moments, the image of a night sky covered in light may be one for the record books, astronomers assure. In the second installment of the supermoon trilogy that is taking place this summer, this Sunday Aug. 10 will take the record for the next two decades as the largest full moon of the quarter-Century.

Tuberculosis Patient Eduardo Rosas Cruz

News  9 August '14

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Vector Detained in Jail after Fleeing Medical Supervision

Sparking a state-wide manhunt in California after refusing treatment for a highly virulent strain of Tuberculosis, suspect Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, was recently arrested in Kern County and detained until he is medically cleared to be transferred, Deputy District Attorney for the San Joaquin County Stephen Taylor told sources.

Watching Weight

Health/Nutrition  6 August '14

Study Proves that Being Called "Fat" Leads to Obesity in Adult Women

Looking into the power of words and the psychological effects of disparaging comments, a joint research team at the Universities of California, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles recently found that being called “fat” in adolescence can likely manifest in obesity nearly a decade later.

OR7's Pups Denning Near the Oregon-California Border

News  5 August '14

Extinct Gray Wolves Invade California—OR7 Finds a Home

Hunted to extinction in 1924 as a result of government programs designed to protect livestock in the central valley, the California Gray Wolf (scientific name Canis lupus) has become all but an urban legend in the state that decimated its large populations.

LovD9 Enzyme

Health/Nutrition  5 August '14

Researchers Mutate Enzyme by ‘Directed Evolution’

Looking to lower the cost of pharmaceuticals and help make cholesterol medication affordable for commercial manufacturing, a small team of interdisciplinary researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles discovered that mutations of an enzyme found in soil could efficiently solve a problem faced by the pharmaceutical industry.


News  4 April '14

California court revives suit claiming woman frozen alive in morgue

A California appeals court has revived a malpractice suit brought by the family of an 80-year-old grandmother they claim was prematurely declared dead by doctors then frozen alive inside a body bag in the hospital's morgue.

Whooping cough outbreak because parents fail to vaccinate children

Parenting  21 March '14

Whooping cough vaccine: Unvaccinated children behind outbreak

Parents who fail to vaccinate their kids for nonmedical reasons against whooping cough are the cause of the bacterial infection's outbreak, a new study says.

Health/Nutrition  24 February '14

'Polio-like syndrome' causes paralysis in five California children

A "polio-like syndrome" has caused paralysis in several children in California.

California Company Recalls Nearly Nine Million Dollars Worth of Meat

Health/Nutrition  9 February '14

California Company Recalls Nearly Nine Million Dollars Worth of Meat

Rancho Feeding Corporation recently recalled nearly nine million worth of meat products due to the processing of diseased animals without a full federal inspection, according to CBS8.


Parenting  21 January '14

A Californian Woman Delivers The Largest Baby Ever Born In U.S., Weighing 15 Pounds

A Californian Woman Delivers The Largest Baby Ever Born In U.S., Weighing 15 Pounds.

Triplets Born in California, Parents Did Not Use Fertility Treatments

Health/Nutrition  5 December '13

Triplets Born in California, Parents Did Not Use Fertility Treatments

Identical triplets were born in California to parents who don’t have any history of twin births in the family and who never used any form of fertility treatment, CBS News reports.


News  21 October '13

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes on the Lose in California: Central Valley, Bay Area Residents Warned

California residents are being warned of a mosquito that is on the lose which can carry dengue and yellow fever.

California Senate Bill Authorizes Nurses to Perform Abortion on Patients

Health/Nutrition  29 August '13

California Senate Bill Authorizes Nurses to Perform Abortion on Patients

California’s State recently gave the final approval to a bill which allows nurses and midwives to perform abortion on patients that only doctors are allowed to do, the Bloomberg reported.

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