Wife of Chris Daughtry Pleads to Stop Spreading Rumors About Daughter, Hannah Price

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Deanna Daughtry, the wife of former "American Idol" star Chris Daughtry, is pleading to the public to stop spreading rumors about the death surrounding her daughter, Hannah Price.

The mom said in an Instagram post that the false narratives floating around, perpetuating that her daughter's case has been treated as a homicide, is making the pain of losing her daughter a lot worse. She added that, as far as she knows, no one from her family and friends has come out to say that Price was murdered.

Deanna detailed that she had some concerns and told some people she knew about what happened because her daughter had injuries. However, she also emphasized that the authorities have to complete the investigations before they can confirm anything else.

Unfortunately, someone went to the press with this information, and now people are calling someone a murderer "before all the facts are in."

"I lost my child and I'm having to now also deal with rumors and assumptions about her," Deanna wrote in her plea.

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Who is Hannah Price?

The lifeless body of Price, 25, was found inside her home in Tennessee. Chris then issued a statement saying he was "devastated and heartbroken" over his stepdaughter's unexpected passing. The Daughtry frontman immediately canceled his shows in Maryland and Connecticut so he could be with his family.

Chris has been together with Deanna for nearly two decades, and they share twins Noah James and Adalyn Rose, who were born via surrogate in 2010. Price is Deanna's firstborn from a previous relationship, alongside a son, Griffin, who grew up looking up to the "American Idol" star as their father.

According to Page Six, Price lost her father in 2018 via suicide, but it's unclear if they had a close bond. A couple of months after her father's death, Price had to undergo surgery for a prosthetic eye after being shot in the face while protecting a friend from a gang attack.

In April 2021, Price and her boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, were involved in a road rage incident and had a warrant for their arrest in June. When Price's body was discovered, the police also picked up Jolly in connection to this warrant. The Sun clarified that the boyfriend had not been charged in connection to Price's death.

Chris Daughtry After "American Idol"

In 2019, Deana came out as a bisexual, and her story became the heart of the Daughtry song, "As You Are." According to Chris, he's been aware of his wife's sexuality since they met and knew of her other relationships, which included a woman.

The pair also admitted that they have to deal with infidelities in their marriage, especially after Chris achieved sudden stardom with "American Idol" in 2006. Deanna said in one interview that she and her husband were "drowning in the stuff" of his sudden fame, and they both had to save each other through couple's therapy.

Chris said he and his wife had to grow up and realize that their struggles as a couple showed how much they were willing to stick it out with someone they love. The couple said they are in this "perpetual journey together" and will not be running away from their problems.

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