Texas Mom Reports School Bullies Who Gave Her 6-Year-old Daughter Hickeys

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An angry Texas mom has gone to the press to shed light on the school bullies attacking her six-year-old girl. Brittany Herrera from Spring, Texas, said that her daughter, Mia, has been the target of the other kids since the first day of classes.

Speaking to the press, Herrera revealed that Mia often came home from school with an injury on her body. One time, a girl her daughter's age pushed Mia against a wall, leaving a "huge knot" on her head. Another time, the school bullies pinned Mia down and started "biting" her neck. The incidents usually happen in the kids' bathroom.

"I think she says 'biting' because my kids don't know what hickeys are," Herrera said. "[The marks] were clearly hickeys." 

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No Action Against 'Manipulating Kindergartners'

The mother reported the school bullies to the officials of the Gloria Marshall Elementary School, but according to Herrera, not much action has been done about the incidents, so she went to the press and the cops. Herrera also said that if this case involved children who are 10 years older and not "manipulating kindergarteners," someone would have already been arrested.

The school officials told The Independent that the Herrera family's complaints, including the sexual assault allegations, are under investigation with the school administration and the Spring ISD Police Department. However, in a statement, school officials said the case has not been "deemed to be a sexual assault," and they have been in constant communication with the mother despite her comments to the press.

While one of the kids involved has moved schools since the incidents, Herrera remains worried that Mia's experiences with the school bullies would have a long-lasting impact on her. The mother reflected that what her daughter went through took "some spark away from her."

What Parents Need to Do if their Child is Bullied

School counselor Lauren Hyman Kaplan said that it's normal for parents to "get angry or frustrated" after learning that their child has been bullied. However, the most important thing is for the mother or father to listen and show reassurance or support for the child.

Bullied children need to see that their parents are stable and strong. It's also important for the parents to keep the lines of communication open, check in with their children, and continue to build their confidence despite what they have been through.

For repeated or severe bullying, the experts advised reporting the incident to a teacher, a counselor, school officials, or the police, if necessary. Parents must also stay updated by making follow-ups to see if there has been action or changes to the case. 

It might also help to dialogue with the parents of the children involved, whether through a call or an email. The bullied child's parents need to make it clear that the goal of this dialogue is to resolve what's going on with the kids.

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