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Bill Cosby Daughter Defends Dad

Dads  27 April '17

Bill Cosby's Daughter Pens Piece About Dad, Cites He's 'Not Abusive, Violent Or A Rapist'

Evin Cosby, Bill Cosby's youngest daughter, defends her dad's honor in an essay. Cosby's sexual assault trial begins June 5.

Social Media

Children  5 April '17

More Details Surface About Chicago Sex Assault, One Suspect’s Mother Takes Son To Police

After the mother of one of the suspects in a sex assault streamed on Facebook Live turned her son to the police, more details surfaced about the attack.

John R.K. Howard

Teens/Young Adults  22 December '16

White Football Player Won’t Face Jail Time After Plea Deal Despite Sexually Assaulting Black Teen With Disability; State’s Decision Slammed?

The state of Idaho entered into a plea deal with a white football player acquitting him from spending time behind bars in a sexual assault case of a black teen with disabilities.


Teens/Young Adults  6 December '16

76-Year-Old Man Only Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison After Raping Girl Until She Got Pregnant And Assaulted Her Younger Sisters?

A 76-year-old man molested a girl and her sisters until the oldest became pregnant at the age of only 13.

Brock Turner

School  3 November '16

Stanford Rape Case Update: Sexual Assault Survivor Is Glamour's Woman Of The Year

The victim of Brock Turner is Glamour's woman of the year.

Aleck Cook

Teens/Young Adults  27 October '16

Alarming 'Stalking List' Retrieved From University Of Wisconsin-Madison Student, More Than A Dozen Of Females Come Forward Claiming Sexual Assault

A student in University of Wisconsin-Madison is alleged by more than a dozen of women of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault

Family Life  16 October '16

Sexual Assault Victims’ View: Why Women Hide In Silence Following The Abuse

Sexual assault victims, some if not all, chose to hide rather than speak up but reasons behind those were gradually revealed by some of the victims.

Coline Rapneau

Family Life  12 October '16

Supposed Locker Room Talk Places Donald Trump On The Hot Seat Amid Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The recent statement of Donald Trump about how he treats women gathered a lot of negative reactions from people in the United States. The supposed locker room talk leaked just in time for the celebration of the Awareness On Domestic Violence Month.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Family Life  11 October '16

Actress Reveals Sexual Assault Experience Amidst Trump’s Controversial Statement – Beware For Devastating Effects Beware!

Amber Tamblyn, amidst Donald Trump’s controversial statement on how he treats women, shared her sexual assault experience and its aftermath.


Infant  7 October '16

10-Month-Old Dies Days After She Was Violently Sexually Assaulted By Mother's Boyfriend; Baby Found Naked, Bleeding In Basement With Perpetrator

A 10-month-old baby girl died after being violently sexually assaulted by her mother's boyfriend.

Jacob Wetterling's mother

School Age  7 September '16

Jacob Wetterling Case Update: After Boy's Remains Found, Minnesota Man Admits To Killing The 11-Year-Old Almost Three Decades Ago

All hopes of Jacob Wetterlings being still alive disappeared earlier this week. The innocent boy's killer has admitted to the crime.

Stanford And Berkeley Rank Among Top 3 Universities In The World

School  24 August '16

No More Wild Parties! Stanford Hard Liquor Ban Is What Will Welcome Students This School Year

Stanford University implemented a new policy that bans hard liquor at on-campus parties and only bottles not more than 750 ml can be taken inside the campus.

90 Women Molested By Gangs At Cologne Railway Station

Behavior  9 July '16

Teen in Crimes: Police Identifies Teen Groping Women in the Bronx, Two Victims Have Reported The Sexual Assault

The suspect is believed to be around 16-years old, 5'8", and was last seen wearing a blue football jersey and shorts with white sneakers.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

School  8 July '16

White House Responds to Sexual Assualt Cases in Universities: Obama Administration Will Not Visit Campuses That Do Not Address Sexual Assault Cases

The Obama administration has now advised their staff to not visit colleges that do not adhere to the stance of the White House over sexual assaults.

Amish girls

News  20 June '16

12 Girls Found Inside Pennsylvania Home, Police Say They All Wore Blue Dresses; Man Arrested And Charged

12 girls were reportedly found inside a home in Pennsylvania and a man was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Sexual Violence Against Women Rampant In Impoverished Haiti

K-12 Reform  15 June '16

NYC Schools Facing Complaints On Mishandling Black Female Sexual Assault Victims

Attorney Carrey Goldberg filed another complaint to the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights in protest of NYC schools' handling of sexual assault cases that involved black girls.

Stanford And Berkeley Rank Among Top 3 Universities In The World

School  7 June '16

Court Judge's Sentence Over Stanford Sex Offender, Brock Turner, Is Questioned For Its Leniency

Brock Turner was ruled guilty of sexual assault and was sentenced with six months on jail, which many believed was lenient of a convicted rapist.

Kansas State v Baylor

School  26 May '16

Did Baylor University's Ken Starr Get Fired Already? Sexual Assault Cases Are Making Hard Decisions For School Board

The Pepper Hamilton report blames current President and Chancellor, Ken Starr for Baylor University's neglect of sexual assault cases, especially those involving football players.

Harvard Ends Early Admission Policy

College Success  24 April '16

Education Trends: The Truth About College Acceptance Letters Will Shock You; It Involves Rape!

Here is an acceptance letter you wouldn't want to wish to receive for your child going to college.

Joe Biden And Lady Gaga Visit UNLV In Support Of It's On Us Initiative

School  16 April '16

Sexual Assault On Campus, A Real Epidemic: High School Health Classes May Hold Key To Reducing Sex-Related Attacks

Sexual assault on campus is a rising problem, but high school health classes may be the chance to nip this in the bud.

General Election - Education

School  11 April '16

Sex Education Senate Bill Pending: Sex Ed Should Include LGBT Concerns And Be Medically Precise

Learn more details about this sex education bill and its potential benefits for the students.

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