Matt Damon Backs Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Divorce; Believes 'BVS' Star Will Be Happier With Another Woman [Rumors]

Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, things between the estranged couple seems to be unclear. There were reports about pregnancy, living together and pursuing divorce amidst the exes' progress in their relationship.

Following their joint statement about their amicable split are controversies romantically involving the "Batman  V  Superman: Dawn of Justice" star to their ex-nanny Christine Ouzounan. However, recent reports claim that Affleck had already cut his ties with Ouzounian to reconcile with his ex-wife.

In an earlier report from Parent Herald, a source close to Ouzounian revealed that Christine didn't take the breakup well and she threatens to disclose the details about her alleged affair with the "Gone Girl" actor.

"He had fun with [her], but it wasn't love," an insider close to Ouzounian said. "Christine is very upset and says Ben should be worried. In her mind, this is far from over."

On the other hand, the pair is still working on making things work. "There is still love there that they are trying to figure out. The kids are the great equalizer that they want to stay together for, so it's a daily battle to see if it will work out. It is 50/50 at best," a source said.

Yes, many are hoping that the "Daredevil" ex-couple  will eventually reconcile, but Affleck's best friend,  "The Martian" star Matt Damon, seems to be looking things at a different perspective. Reports claim that Damon doesn't want Affleck and Garner to get back together.

A source told OK! Magazine, that Damon was never fond of Garner and he had concerns about her rocky marriage with Affleck long before Ouzounian appears in the picture.

Well, that's true. Garner and Affleck's marriage was rumored to be in trouble years ago. Earlier reports claim that they have gone through marriage counseling to keep things together, which happened even before Ouzounian worked for them.

"Matt believes Ben's marriage was in shambles way before the nanny," disclosed the source. "There was too much anger there."

Damon is not meddling with Jen and Ben's affair, but he thinks Affleck should move on and find his joy in another woman.  Matt "wasn't pushing for Ben to end it, but he knows Ben will be happier with another woman," the source added.

The same source revealed that things could have been better had Garner "just loosened up a bit."

Celeb Dirty Laundry  agrees with Damon that the two's marriage was in trouble even before the nanny scandal and the divorce might serve them both. Maybe, they will be happier with someone else.

What do you think? Should Affleck and Garner reconcile or pursue their divorce?

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