Gun Safety: 5 Must-Dos For Parents With Guns in The Home

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald November 09, 05:30 am

The statistics on gun violence is alarming as 80 percent of gun-related accidents affecting children apparently occur in homes with guns, per Every Town Research.

According to Gun Policy Org, there are at least 30 percent of homes in the United States whose owners keep a gun, and if you're part of this number and have kids around the house, it's best to take care and responsibility for this.

What steps can you take to ensure that the kids are safe? Below are some suggestions:

1) Keep guns under lock and key.

"If you are not in direct control of the firearm, it needs to be locked away. On top of a shelf or under a sofa doesn't count. Think your child doesn't know it's there and can't reach it? Think again," said gun expert Mark Luell via Yahoo Parenting. He also suggested getting a proper but inexpensive gun vault to store the pieces.

2) Store the guns and bullets separately.

It's one of the best safety practices that law enforcement and gun organizations uphold as it prevents guns from being fired by accident. "I do keep my guns and ammo locked up separately. Call me neurotic, but I have teenagers and there's a history of depression in my family. My firearm-related nightmare isn't a home invasion. It's that one of my kids uses my gun on him/herself," said one gun owner via The Firing Line discussion group.

3) Talk to your kids about gun safety.

"Talking openly and honestly about firearm safety with your child is considered more effective than just ordering him or her to "Stay out of the gun closet," and trusting they will!" advised The Well-Armed Woman. Children are naturally curious, so it's better that they know what handling guns entail.

4) Teach your kids safe handling of non-powdered guns too.

Games like paintball and pellet guns are fun and popular attraction for many kids, but it can also lead to serious injuries. Establishments have their own restrictions and rules, but you must also ensure that your child understands how to conduct themselves properly in these venues.

5) If you want to take gun education further, enlist the child in gun safety programs.

As children may still be come in contact with firearms at a friend's house, it's best to widen their knowledge on gun safety further. A school in Pennsylvania has been holding gun safety classes for kids as young as kindergarten for years, as previously reported on Parent Herald. There are also safety programs sponsored by the National Rifle Association, which you and your kids can enlist.

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