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 Another Reminder Why Gun Safety Is Important: 6-Year-Old Fires Loaded Gun He Found In A Sofa At Ikea

Family Life  28 June '18

Another Reminder Why Gun Safety Is Important: 6-Year-Old Fires Loaded Gun He Found In A Sofa At IKEA

A boy fired a gun at a local IKEA store in Indianapolis not knowing that it was loaded. The gun owner had tested the sofa and did not realize that the firearm had fallen off when he stood up.

Gun Safety For Kids Is A Matter Of Life And Death

Opinion  27 December '16

Protecting Your Children From Guns In A Pro-Gun State

If children (or anyone under 18) is around a gun, they should have some form of supervision. This supervision can vary depending on their age, level of maturity, experience and many other factors. Nonetheless, the parent is ultimately responsible for their child's safety and well-being.

Twist n Pulse Launch Dream Toys Event

K-12 Reform  30 June '16

Toy Gun Licence For Kids: Is This Make Believe Permit Doing Harm Or Good?

A school in Queensland, Australia initiated a program on gun safety for kindergarten students, with the backing of the Minister Of Education, but is this practice doing harm or good?

Celia Cruz Funeral

Family Life  9 February '16

Life Expectancy In The US: What 3 Things Are Keeping Americans From Having A Longer Life?

Discover the three things that contribute to a shorter lifespan for Americans and find out how to have a longer life expectancy.

Gun Control Activists March Across Brooklyn Bridge

News  5 January '16

Alarming Rate Of Accidental Shootings By Children In 2015; Parents Advised With Gun Safety

A recent study conducted by the gun-control advocate group Entertown shows the shocking frequency of accidental shootings in 2015 by children in the USA.

In Wake Of UCSB Killings, Los Angeles Holds Gun Buyback Program

Family Life  9 November '15

Gun Safety: 5 Must-Dos For Parents With Guns in The Home

Teaching kids about gun safety is a part of being a responsible gun-owner, especially if you have them in the house.

NRA Holds Its Annual Meeting In Nashville

Family Life  4 November '15

Gun Safety Lessons For 6-Year-Olds In Pennsylvania School - Is It Safe or Risky? [POLL]

A Pennsylvania school is teaching young children how to be safe around guns since many of the district's residents are gun owners.

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