Allergy Tips: 5 Safety Reminders For The Holidays

Everybody knows that Christmas season is the time to be jolly. It's also common knowledge that it's also the season to be sneezy. Why?

According to WebMD, allergies spike this season because of our tendency to close ourselves in when it's cold.

"You're in a closed-up house, the heater is on, the windows shut --- that's why indoor allergies get worse in the winter," Asriani Chiu, MD, associate professor of pediatrics and medicine at the College of Wisconsin, said.

Of course, opening the doors and windows won't be a good idea either as the cold will creep in. Here are some reminders that will help you fend off against allergies this season.

The Christmas Tree

About Health reminded that certain Christmas trees can trigger allergies. Trees can have molds, dust and some more allergens that may trigger allergic reactions.

For real Christmas trees, choosing an allergy-friendly tree will help. Knowing what allergies your family has will help you decide. Should you buy from a farm, a mechanical tree-shaker (if present) can help eliminate dust and molds by shaking.

Make sure to wipe artificial trees thoroughly, as dust and mold might have settled.

Host Your Own Party

Kids with Food Allergies reminded that hosting your own party gives you total control over the food that you serve. This way, it will be easier for you to watch what goes into your family's -- and guest's -- body.

Food Safety

Check for allergen-free foods, especially if a member of your family is allergic to something such as peanuts. If inviting friends or family over, do tell them to bring “safe” allergen-free foods as well.

Preparing a list of acceptable foods or items to bring will make this easier for you and your guests (either family or friends) to choose what to bring. It also helps you prepare more variety too.

Prepare some safe food options for your child whenever unsafe foods are allowed. Make sure to put some precautions in place to protect your kid, as well as to save you from trouble.

Parties Away from Home

Wherever the party may be, make sure to talk to the host regarding safety measures being put in place. Talk about foods that will be served, your child's allergies and safety precautions that need to be kept.

Offer creating a “safe” menu with the host. Making foods safe for consumption can be easily done, simply by slightly changing the recipe. You can also offer to bring “safe” dishes that any child, especially yours, can consume.

Otherwise, just bring some food that your kids can eat while there.


When preparing food, make sure to prevent cross-contamination from happening.

Don't forget to wash kids' hands with soap and water before and after eating, or playing. Of course, your hands too.

Hopefully this little guide helps you. Happy holidays!

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