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Ronald McDonald House

Family Life  27 December '16

Ronald McDonald House Provides Home Away From Home For Families Spending The Holidays At Hospital

Some families had to spend Christmas and the holiday break at the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House provided a home away from home for these families.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Behavior  24 December '16

Why Parents Are Warned About The 'September Baby' Phenomenon

What parents need to know about "September Baby."

Claire Theobald

Teens/Young Adults  23 December '16

Adopt-A-Teen Drive Does Not Get Enough Donations For All Edmonton Teenagers; 4,791 Of Them Might Not Get Presents This Christmas

The Adopt-A-Teen drive did not get enough donations this year.

'Grinch' charged for stealing from Toys for Tots

News  23 December '16

Woman In Florida Caught Stealing Christmas Gifts For The Under-Privileged

A complainer robbed numerous presents which were for the needy and deprived kids which were a program known as the Florida Toys for Tots.

Stella McCartney Christmas Lights Cocktail Party

Health/Nutrition  22 December '16

Are You A Single Parent? You Have Every Right To Enjoy Christmas To The Limit

The winter holidays are the time of the year that are usually very hard and stressful for single parents.

Santa Claus And His Angels Receive Christmas Mail

Family Life  22 December '16

Letters To Santa: Couple Grants Gift Wishes After Receiving Santa Letters By Mistake

The drive began in 2010, when Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker fulfilled 150 letters. It has been going on every Christmas since then.

Immigrant Families Celebrate Thanksgiving In Connecticut

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

Diet Tips This Holiday Season; Food And Exercise Tips Combined

Worried about gaining weight over the holidays? Here are some tips to avoid that.

Call of Duty European Championships Final At The Royal Opera House

School Age  21 December '16

The Best Gaming Console Gift Ideas For Big Kids These Holidays And Gaming App Recommendations

Here are the best gaming consoles that you could give your child these holidays.

Frank Zander Hosts Charity Dinner For Homeless In Berlin

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

How To Avoid Food Poisoning This Holiday Season

Christmas is the time of the year in which the refrigerators are filled with left-over foods but humans are not the only ones who are happy this holiday season but also the bacteria that attack the food, leading to serious illnesses.

Homeless children at Christmas

Health/Nutrition  17 December '16

Homeless Christmas faced by 117,000 children

Almost 117,000 children will have to spend their Christmas without a proper shelter in impermanent housing in England.

Post Office Deals With Busiest Mail Day Of The Year

Family Life  15 December '16

Unknown Child's Letter To Dead Father For Christmas Sends Community Searching For Him; Will You Help By Sharing This?

People are willing to grant the child his gift list but there's one other thing that might be hard to give.

PANDORA Jewelry In-Store Event With Torrey Smith And Wife Chanel Smith

Autism  14 December '16

A Special Kind Of Santa Is All Over America's Mall For Kids With Autism This Christmas

Children with autism and anxiety disorder can now enjoy Santa Claus in malls this Christmas!

Christmas Season

Health/Nutrition  13 December '16

The Beauty Of Family Traditions

Christmas is the best time of the year. Here are traditions that will never make you forget the yuletide season.

Christmas Shopping Season is Underway

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

The Perfect Unique Gift Suggestions For Teens This Holiday!

Don't know what to give your teenage child this holiday? Here are some ideas.

Christmas Season

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Santa's Surprise Visit To Children Suffering From Diseases

Children who suffer from special needs such as down syndrome or autism are very sensitive when it comes to loud noises and chaos that often comes from seeing Santa at a mall.

2016 Humboldt County Toy Run

Health/Nutrition  10 December '16

Impact Of Toy Run On Children's Christmas

Dozens of bikers and police rolled off from the Ranch Harley Davidson in College Station Saturday morning for their annual Toy Run.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

Toddler  6 December '16

Ungrateful Kids? How To Cope With Children's Behavior During The Christmas Season

Experts say it's ok for a child to show their emotions when their expectations are not met.

Retailers Open On Thanksgiving Evening, Starting Black Friday Sales Early

Behavior  4 December '16

Toys For Ill Children Stolen As An Ill Christmas Surprise

Kind-hearted donors have come to the rescue and raised thousands of pounds to replace Christmas toys stolen from a hospital.

The Salvation Army Provides Hope For Both Children And Parents This Christmas

Food  2 December '16

How The Salvation Army Provides Hope For Both Children And Parents This Christmas

The Salvation Army is known for giving out toys to children in need during the holidays but this season, it's not only the kids they're helping.

Michelle Williams Visits Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta Before the Macy's Great Tree Lighting

Health/Nutrition  1 December '16

Theft Reported In Paddington Hospital: Sick Minders Tried Stealing Sick Children's Christmas

Christmas presents were stolen from a ward in St Mary's hospital. The gifts were selected for little patients according to their needs.

TMS Annual Tree Lighting and Grant Ceremony

Family Life  30 November '16

Stealing Surges: Seems That Christmas Brings In More Opportunities For Thieves

A minivan full of presents was stolen, mother was planning a surprise Christmas for her boys.

Michelle Obama Visits Childrens National Medical Center

Books  28 November '16

Holiday Reading: These New Christmas Books Are Perfect Gifts For Children

The holidays are a perfect time for kids to read books. There are some recently released Christmas-themed titles that are guaranteed to delight children and make their love for the written word grow even more.

Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

Family Life  27 November '16

Is Santa Claus Real? Telling Kids About Santa Without Ruining A Child's Concept Of Christmas

What if you had a wonderful explanation of who Santa really is? An explanation that doesn't lie or destroy the magic of the season?

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