Military Moms Spark Online Outcry After Posting Breastfeeding Photos In Uniform

By Diane, Parent Herald January 06, 10:53 am

The troops abroad are risking their lives to make the world a better place, but, at home, moms in uniform are fighting their own battle. Recently, Amanda Langendoerfer, a woman in the Navy, was slammed by the online public after she posted a photograph of herself breastfeeding her son.  

According to, the mom from San Diego was the latest recipient of online vitriol after posting photos of herself breast feeding her baby on Facebook. While, generally, the social media site laid out a policy that allows women to post breastfeeding photos on the platform, its billions of users are apparently not yet ready to see mothers nursing their children.

However, Langendoerfer's case was special. After the photos were posted on the website, she received hate because she was wearing a military uniform while breastfeeding. The photo was taken by photographer and breastfeeding awareness champion, Vanessa A. Simmons, and can be viewed on

What is more baffling about the issue is that, in the photo, the Navy mom was fully covered with almost no visible skin from her torso. There is nothing vulgar about the photo, but people were offended over the fact that she was wearing her uniform while breastfeeding. 

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Online bullies called the mother "unprofessional" for wearing her uniform said They also commented that "duty comes first before family."

This is not the first time women have received hate over breastfeeding photos. Prior to Mrs. Langendoerfer's photo, a photo of a group of military women breastfeeding while in uniform went viral. The photo has inspired many women across the world, but it has also attracted spiteful comments.  

Recently, the US Army has updated its policy that now permits women to pump breast milk in a private space provided inside the bathrooms, reported These private spaces will have locks, a chair, and a sort of table tp place the pump on top of. There will also be an electrical outlet and a source of clean water available.

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