Self-Installing Infant Seat: A New Invention To Protect Babies

A new product has been invented that can help protect and save babies' lives. This new product is a self-installing infant seat that will help prevent the usual installation mistakes of infant seats in cars.

"4moms" is the company that invented the new infant car seat. Its CEO and founder Rob Daley then talked to about the product, "We've built a robot in the base of the car seat so that it installs itself, is never installed incorrectly, and every time you put a child into the seat it verifies the installation."

According to the report of, the self-installing can be used through a smartphone application. The phone containing the app will be placed on the car floor to determine if the infant seat is properly positioned.

The report also includes that parents can scan the car's vehicle ID number barcode to retrieve the model info of the car which will allow the phone application to identify the best position and location for the said innovative infant car seat. It will also guide the user in connecting the latch connectors to the anchors.

"After such Latch connection, a button is pushed on the base, which confirms that the car seat is attached. Daley says a 'screw mechanism' automatically levels the base," added the report.

"Then, a robotic motor adjusts the Latch straps to the correct tension using power from eight D-cell batteries. When the level is correct, a verification message appears on a screen on the car seat's base." The phone app also has a feature that alerts the parents if further adjustments should be made with the infant car seat.

4moms' self-installing infant seat has a certification from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and will be a great help to many parents, which are having troubles installing and using their infant car seats. In fact, according to a report from CBS News, the researchers from Oregon Health and Science University conducted an extensive survey that shows how 95 percent of first-time parents, leaving the hospital for the first time, have made at least one mistake in using the infant seat for cars.

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