Food Tins Pour In After 8-Year Old Boy Started Food Bank on FB

By Snow, Parent Herald January 19, 07:16 am

An eight-year old boy who was moved by pity for the hungry started his own local food bank right on Facebook. Together with his mother Katy, Ronnie Hazlie started the event, 'Donate A Tin For The Ronster,' which has already touched a lot of people all over UK.

The young boy was so moved by a TV program he watched, which featured the plight of hungry children in the world. After watching a documentary, he decided to take the matter in his own hands and sought the help of his mom on how he could set up his own local food bank at Gosfort, Hans.

In a report by Mirror, the young boy has already collected 519 food tins and his collection seems to be growing every day. Some people who were located far from Ron's place would donate cash so that the boy could use it to buy more tin foods to grow his local food bank.

His mom mentioned that Ron asked for food tins instead of presents for his birthday, a request which showed the compassionate heart of the boy despite his young age. What prompted Ron's act was his disbelief at the fact that there are people in the world who do not have any food on their tables.

Ron said, "I wanted to help other children after I watched a television program about food banks." He further said that his collection of 519 tins will be given to others in need.

Last year, Pilot Online also featured a similar story of Cory Breslin, a 17-year old boy with Down Syndrome, who collected foods for the needy on his birthday. Cory placed the boxes of donations on a parking lot and urged people passing by to donate.  

Zach Oman, one of the donors that Cory urged to donate said that, "I thought that was just awesome, that giving back, self-sacrifice."

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