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Training center where interns work.

School  6 April '16

Unpaid Internships: Benefiting the Rich; Putting The Poor At A Disadvantage

Unpaid internships often benefit the rich but puts the poor at the losing end.

Jessica Alba The Honest Company Ultra Clean Room Unveiled at The Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC

null  6 April '16

Jessica Alba On Parenting: How To Handle Mom Guilt The Jessica Way

Supermom Jessica Alba shared her parenting insights on how to handle mom guilt the right way.

Jennifer Lopez - American Idol

Family Life  6 April '16

Jennifer Lopez New Single 'Ain't Your Mama' Will Hit American Idol Stage Thursday; Watch Teaser Video Here

Jennifer Lopez will have you swayin' with new single "Ain't Your Mama." Try listening to Jenny herself in this 15-second clip.

Family Life  6 April '16

Technology Rules For Family: Parents Subject To 5 Technology Rules At Home; 'Mom, Dad, Listen!'

Kids have great expectations from their parents when it comes to following these five technology rules at home.

The Duke And Duchess of Cambridge - Official Tour Portrait

null  5 April '16

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Trip To India: Who's With Them And Where They're Going

Know the royal entourage and itinerary of Prince William and Kate Middleton's India trip.

null  5 April '16

Kardashian-Jenner Family Day Out: Strengthening Sister Bonds At Museum; Kanye's The Odd One Out

The three Kardashian-Jenner sisters, with the two tots and only male companion, Kanye, had a blast at a Los Angeles County Museum.

Student protesters seeking reforms.

School  5 April '16

Student Protesters Seek School Administration Reforms; Refused To Leave Duke University President's Office 2 Days In A Row

Student protesters at Duke University refused to end the 2-day sit-in protest they launched to promote school administration reforms.

Parenting  5 April '16

Eldest Children Are The Best: Here Are 5 Scientifically-Based Reasons Why This Is So

Although not so appealing to younger siblings, research has shown that eldest children are the best and here's why.

Kris Jenner

null  5 April '16

KUWTK Family Update: Kris Jenner Tried Spiritually 'Curing' Bruce Jenner; Was He 'Possessed' By Evil Spirits?

Ian Halperin, in his "Kardashian Dynasty" book said that Kris Jenner tried "curing" Bruce Jenner once.

School Supplies Distributed To Children At Cabrini Green Housing Project

School  5 April '16

Improving Public School Education Requires Concerted Effort; It Is Not A One-Man Show

Community participation is the key to improve public school education.

Two men with child

Parenting  2 April '16

Same Sex Couples In All 50 States Can Now Adopt

Latest federal court ruling allowed same-sex couples in all 50 states to adopt.

Child holding a bag of donated goods.

School  2 April '16

Lack Of Empathy In Kids Drove After-School Charity Club To Teach The Value To Students

An after-school charity club went out of its way to teach these kids empathy.

Duke of Cambridge Begins First Shift As Air Ambulance Pilot

null  2 April '16

Prince William to the Rescue! Tree Surgeon Shocked When He Saw Who His Rescuer Was

The Duke of Cambridge has once more proven that even royals can come to the rescue!

Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's 'Kung Fu Panda 3'

null  2 April '16

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Divorce Update: Jolie Losing Weight; 'Unbroken' Director Down To 79 Pounds Due To Divorce Woes?

Did the Jolie-Pitt divorce rumors stress Angelina so much that she lost weight drastically and is now at 79 pounds?

Minions mic drop

Family Life  2 April '16

Google April Fools’ Day Joke Backfires; Costs Many Their Jobs

Google's April Fools' Day Gmail mic drop joke has cost a lot of people their jobs.

Sleep deprived woman

Health/Nutrition  1 April '16

Sleep Deprivation Is The Same With Being Drunk - Just Like You're Under The Influence Of Alcohol

Latest study has shown that lack of sleep is the same with being drunk.

Hillary Clinton

null  1 April '16

Hillary Clinton Laughed Her Heart Out When Asked About Bill Clinton's Infidelity; Doesn't She Care A Bit About Her Husband's Philandering?

Hillary Clinton simply laughed when the subject of her husband's infidelity came up during an interview.

Teacher in a classroom

School  1 April '16

Shortage Of Teachers In Ohio Schools Seen; Adverse Impact On Education Quality Expected

Ohio schools are worried as to where they will be sourcing future qualified teachers.

Student loan

School  1 April '16

Department Of Education Sued For Failure To Disclose Student Loan Debt Collection Information

ACLC, NCLC and ACLU Massachusetts are suing the Department of Education for failure to disclose student loan debt collection practices.

Student reading in the library

School  1 April '16

Every Student Succeeds Act: Answer To Low-Performing Schools; Proven In 3 Districts

It's not the end of the world for low-performing schools as Every Student Succeeds Act is on the rescue.

Woman and baby

Parenting  31 March '16

If You Don't Have Kids, Don't Say These 5 Things to Parents; No. 3 Truly Irks Them

Don't say these five things to parents, especially if you don't have kids of your own.

Breastfeeding mother

Infant  31 March '16

Breastfeeding On A Plane: The Stark Contrast Between 2 Airlines In Treating Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding on a plane can both be a happy experience and a bad one, especially when insensitive flight attendants are on board.

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