Hillary Clinton Laughed Her Heart Out When Asked About Bill Clinton's Infidelity; Doesn't She Care A Bit About Her Husband's Philandering?

By Snow, Parent Herald April 01, 08:23 pm

For somebody who has faced the toughest political questions, Hillary Clinton seemed unprepared when asked about Bill Clinton's infidelity. What did she do? She laughed her heart out and slapped her knee.

Hillary went to the Milwaukee Baptist Church on Tuesday for an interview. She was asked by Geneva Ridgefield, mother of Sandra Bland, the woman who died in jail last year after she was incarcerated for a minor traffic violation.

Ridgefield was asking Hillary about some of the issues that are being thrown her way by critics, and she readily answered them. However, Ridgefield couldn't help but bring up the topic about Bill Clinton's alleged affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Yahoo reported that when the Lewinsky scandal came up, Hillary's reaction was priceless. She was laughing her heart out without a trace of bitterness in her eyes. There was even no anger there. Along with a resonating laugh, she also slapped her knee.

Daily Caller reported that Ridgefield defended Hillary's actions at the time the Lewinsky scandal first broke. The words of Ridgefield were quickly carried across news platforms and social media, and so many people started making comments. Their point of contention was the attitude of Hillary towards her husband's infidelity.

Some people thought that she treats it very casually, making her look unconcerned. On the other hand, there are those, who say that she has already moved on.

According to Doug Powers, "Hillary let off a cackle as if they were talking about husbands who don't put the toilet seat back down or forgot an anniversary." More sympathetic opinions posed the possibility that the former first lady might have felt utter discomfort at having been confronted with her husband's infidelity, and hid it under a laugh.

People can only guess as to the real emotional state of Hillary Clinton when she laughed when the subject of Bill Clinton's infidelity came up. As to what it really was, only Hillary can say. So far, she hasn't given an explanation about it.

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