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Mother and three girls

Parenting  23 March '16

5 Crazy Parenting Experiences Many Parents Share; No. 3 Is a Real Winner

These five parenting experiences that many parents share will make you reminisce the joys of being a parent.

IVF chamber

Pregnancy  23 March '16

Fertility Drugs and Cancer: 3 Facts About the Treatment You Should Not Ignore

Many are worried about fertility drugs causing cancer, but one doctor will provide you with real answers.

Couple happy at hospital over baby's birth

News  23 March '16

Strangers Brought Gifts for Couple Who Accidentally Sent Text Message Announcing Baby's Birth

A couple accidentally texts a total stranger about their baby's birth, and the stranger came to visit to congratulate the couple.

Michael Jackson and children during tour

News  23 March '16

Michael Jackson's Children's £900 Million Inheritance Not Enough To Cover Debts And Taxes? Will Children End Up Penniless?

Michael Jackson's children will inherit £900 million but debts and taxes may leave them with no inheritance to look forward to after all.

Hairdresser sink at a salon

Family Life  23 March '16

Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome: Woman Almost Died from Stroke After Using Hairdresser Sink at Salon

A 48-year-old woman suffered a massive stroke after using a salon's hairdresser sink for a 10-minute hair shampoo.

Mom reading to baby

Parenting  23 March '16

5 Heartbreaking Consequences When You Don't Read to Your Baby

If you're still wondering if you should read to your baby, these heartbreaking consequences will spring you into action.

Girl preparing protein shake.

Food  22 March '16

Don't Drink Protein, Eat It!

Before you reach for that protein shake, take time to find out why eating protein is better than drinking it.

Mother and newborn baby following a natural childbirth.

Pregnancy  22 March '16

How To Have Natural Childbirth – 5 Great Tips For Moms On The Way

If you want to have natural childbirth, check out these great tips that will help you avoid the dreaded C-section.

Painful tooth in an infant

Infant  22 March '16

Teething Symptoms And Remedies You Should Not Overlook

Identify teething symptoms and calm your cranky baby with these great teething remedies.

Little toddler on her toes

News  22 March '16

23-Month-Old Toddler Starved To Death Allegedly By Own Parents

Parents of this 23-month-old toddler are facing charges after allegedly starving their daughter to death.

Mom breastfeeding in public

Parenting  22 March '16

Waitress Throws Cloth Napkin Over Breastfeeding Mom And Her Baby

A Texas mom became very upset when the waitress threw a napkin over her and her breastfeeding baby.

Photo of two toddlers with duct-taped mouth and hands.

Toddler  22 March '16

Shocking Photo Of Toddlers 'For Sale' With Duct-Taped Mouth And Hands

A mom posted a photo of two toddlers whose hands and mouths were duct-taped and captioned it as "for sale."

Ivanka Trump

null  19 March '16

Here's What Ivanka Trump Will Do Before She Will Hire You

Ivanka Trump requires one very important thing from job applicants, and this is it.

Grandpa and grandkid feeding ducks

Family Life  19 March '16

This Photo Shows the Saddest Grandfather; He Made 12 Burgers for 6 Grandchildren, But Only One Came

This grandfather made 12 burgers for dinner for his six grandchildren; unfortunately, only one of them showed up to dine with him.

McDonald's Egg McMuffin

Food  19 March '16

Check Out This Must-Try Fast Food Hack at McDonald's that Many Americans Love

Many Americans are opting for a lunch or dinner at McDonald's with this side dish.


Health/Nutrition  19 March '16

Hard Facts You Should Know Before Taking Melatonin to Sleep at Night

Here are some facts you must care about before you reach out for a dose of melatonin at night.

Woman swimming

Family Life  19 March '16

Why Swimming Has Been and Always Will Be the Best Exercise Regimen

Here's why it's time for you to hit the beach or the pool and go swimming again.

Crying babies

Parenting  19 March '16

Parenting: Should You Discipline Your Baby?

Here's the answer to parents' dilemma of whether to discipline their babies or not.

Woman holding her abdomen

Health/Nutrition  17 March '16

Fecal Transplants: Scientist Says Poop May Reveal the Answer to Your Ailments

It is quite surprising how your poop can help your overall health.

Multiple sport athletes

Parenting  17 March '16

Why Playing Multiple Sports Is Best for Kids; Don't Settle for Just One

Now is the time to encourage your kids to play multiple sports, and here are the reasons why.

Pedophile symbol on pink toy truck.

Toddler  17 March '16

Pedophile Symbol on Pink Toy Truck Discovered by Vigilant Mom Led to Its Massive Recall

Recall was issued on a pink toy truck after a pedophile symbol was found by a mom who bought the toy for her two-year-old daughter.

Anne Hathaway

News  17 March '16

Brace Yourselves for 'Princess Diaries 3'; Will Queen Amelia Visit Manhattan This Time?

Anne Hathaway and Director Garry Marshall have started making plans for "Princess Diaries 3" and fans can't wait!

Abandoned eight year old boy.

Parenting  17 March '16

8-Year-Old Boy with Special Needs Abandoned by Mother at Hospital Due to Rude Behavior; Mom Facing Charges

One Utah mom is facing charges after she abandoned her eight-year-old son with special needs at the hospital for being "rude" and "ungovernable."

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