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Depressed and stressed university student.

News  31 March '16

Sense of Hopelessness Invades US.Schools: Statistics Show 8% Attempt Suicide Every Month

An alarming report showed that 8% of students attemp suicide every month.

Girl toddler

Infant  31 March '16

Family Friend Confessed To The Rape And Murder Of 1-Year-Old Toddler; Details Shocked Family

A one-year-old toddler was found raped and murdered by a family friend.

Woman suffering from intense headache.

Health/Nutrition  31 March '16

Suicide Disease: It's Not Just Migraine, It Could Be This Debilitating Disease

If you think it's just migraine, think again, as it might be suicide disease.

Bilingual students celebrate graduation.

School  31 March '16

Will Bilingual Education Improve Literacy And Student Skills Development?

Researches have shown that bilingual education may help improve student literacy and skills development.


Parenting  30 March '16

North Carolina's New Transgender Bathroom Law Could Imperil State's Education Funds

North Carolina's new transgender bathroom law face strong opposition from rights advocates, with the latter threatening a reduced education funding.

Bronx School Stands Out

Parenting  30 March '16

School Districts Sue State For Misappropriation Of Education Funds, Now Demands Back Payments

School districts are suing the state for wrongfully distributed education funds.

Children aged 5-6 meditating in a privat

Parenting  29 March '16

'Namaste' Taught in Elementary School Enrages Parents; School Apologizes

Parents of an elementary school in Georgia were enraged after kids were taught yoga and namaste.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Visits His Scottish Golf Course

null  29 March '16

Meet Ivanka Trump's Son Theodore James; Will Donald Trump Agree To Nickname Him 'Ted'? [SEE PIC]

Meet Theodore James, Ivanka Trump's newborn son, whom many think might just be nicknamed Ted.

Nurse holds the tiny hand of quintuplet Moqbekeleo Luwa, who

Parenting  29 March '16

Maternal Bond Felt By Nurse Moved Her To Adopt Preemie With Hole In Abdomen

ICU nurse was moved to adopt preemie with hole in the abdomen after forming a special maternal bond with her.

K Rowling Address Headlines Harvard Univ. Commencement

Parenting  29 March '16

Boon or Bane: Rising Number of Educated Asians In America

The rising number of educated Asians in America has led many to question whether this will ultimately benefit the U.S.

Youngsters Receive Childhood Immunization

Parenting  29 March '16

Unfit Parents Stripped Of Parental Right To Decide Kids' Vaccination

Michigan court ruled that the state has the right, and not these parents, to decide whether their kids will be vaccinated.

Leap year kid from Kennebunk

Parenting  29 March '16

School District Consolidation Pros And Cons: Can Merging Fragmented School Districts Lead To Better Educational System?

Weigh the pros and cons of school district consolidation and make an informed choice whether to support it or not.

Syrian children vaccinated in Turkey's Kilis

Parenting  28 March '16

Vaccine Myths And Facts: Debunking Myths And Strengthening Facts About Vaccination

These common vaccine myths prevent you from giving your child the best health protection he'll benefit from for a lifetime.

Douglas Make-Up Launch

Health/Nutrition  28 March '16

Common Reproductive Problems: Chemicals at Home Linked To Female Reproductive Cancers

Better be aware of these home chemicals which have been found to cause common female reproductive problems.

Pope Attends Palm Sunday

News  28 March '16

Pope Francis Condemned Europe's Stand On Migrants; Slammed 3 Groups More - Arms Dealers, Pedophile Priests, Fundamentalists

Pope Francis lashed out at Europe's stand on migrants, and also condemned arms dealers, fundamentalists and pedophile priests.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Enjoy Skiing Holiday

News  28 March '16

Prince William's Ex-Girlfriend Caused Him To Miss First Easter Of Baby Charlotte? Is Kate Middleton Okay With It?

Prince William reportedly missed Baby Charlotte's first Easter because he visited his ex-girlfriend in Kenya.

Students Pledge Allegiance To The Flag In Pennsylvania

News  28 March '16

New TNTP President Previously At The Helm Of A Closed New York Charter School

Karolyn Belcher, new TNTP president used to lead a closed charter school in New York City. Is she qualified to head TNTP?

Baby tear

Infant  26 March '16

Constipation in Babies: Foods That Cause And Relieve Constipation

Take note of these foods that cause and relieve constipation in babies.

Toddler walking at the beach

Toddler  26 March '16

Toddler Motor Development: Warning Signs Parents Must Not Ignore

Be aware of these warning signs of toddler motor development; and if your toddler exhibits them, opt for early intervention.

Marisol Nichols Baby Shower

Pregnancy  26 March '16

How To Plan Baby Showers On A Budget: 5 Great Tips Made Just for You

Say goodbye to huge expenses with these five great tips on how to plan baby showers on a budget.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Parenting  26 March '16

Mom Fought For Her Legal Right When Told Not To Breastfeed In Cleveland Museum

A mother who was told not to breastfeed at museum invoked her legal right to breastfeed in public as the museum CEO apologizes.

Newborn baby

Parenting  24 March '16

5 Things New Parents Are Scared Of And How To Overcome Them

A lot of new parents worry about these five things, but don't worry, there are things you can do to overcome them.

Doctor treating baby with asthma

Health/Nutrition  23 March '16

Birth Month Affects Child's Risk for Developing Allergies

Your child's birth month is to be blamed for those allergy attacks that he may be undergoing.

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