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Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

News  11 February '16

Slavery In Modern Times: Houston Couple Allegedly Enslaved 38-Year Old Nanny For Two Years

A Houston couple was charged with forced labor after "enslaving" a 38-year old nanny for two years without pay and under abusive conditions.

Zika Virus Outbreak

News  11 February '16

Zika Virus Can Also Cause Eye Damage In Newborns

Latest study has found that the Zika virus does not only cause microcephaly, it can also lead to eye damage in newborn babies.

Mother infant

Parenting  10 February '16

7 Ways Your Baby Is Telling You He Loves You

You might not notice it but your baby is already telling you he loves you through these seven ways.

Passenger Bill Robinson, left, of Los Angeles, watches Los Angeles International Airport police off

News  10 February '16

Don't Bother Bringing Any Of These Banned Items From Overseas To The U.S.

Don't get too excited in bringing that nice ivory pendant, it's one of the things banned in the U.S. along with six others.

Couple In Love

Family Life  10 February '16

How To Express Your Love Other Than Saying "I Love You"

They say there are more ways to say "I love you," and this list highlights the things you can say to your loved one without the cliche.

Mattel Launch Their New Apptivity Toys That Interact With iPads

Parenting  10 February '16

Four Worrisome Statistics That Will Require Parents To Guide Their Children Better

These worrisome statistics will tell you how close children are to becoming a problem of the society in the near future.

'Concussion' New York Premiere

Trending News  10 February '16

Liam Neeson Describes His 'Incredibly Famous' Girlfriend

Seven years after Natasha Richardson's death, Liam Neeson is once more in love with an incredibly famous woman.

Diabetic foot

News  9 February '16

Human Placenta Is Key To Faster Wound Healing And Prevent Amputations in Diabetics

Amputations on diabetics can be prevented using amniotic membrane wound dressing made from human placenta.

Taylor Swift World Tour 1989 Album

Trending News  9 February '16

Taylor Swift To Perform At The Grammy Awards

The speculation is over, Taylor Swift will definitely be performing at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

New Jersey Teen Counseling Therapy

News  9 February '16

Teens No Longer Need Their Parents' Consent To Seek Therapy In New Jersey

A new law in New Jersey allows teenagers aged 16 and above to seek therapy even without their parents' consent.

Smiling baby laying on towel holding digital tablet

Infant  8 February '16

High-Tech Toys Vs. Traditional Toys: Which One Will Harm Your Baby's Communication Skills?

High-tech toys may be attractive but latest study has revealed that they can stagnate babies' communication skills.

Doctor and newborn baby

News  8 February '16

Tennessee Doctor Clipped Newborn's Tongue Without Parents' Consent

A doctor from Tennessee performed a surgical procedure on the wrong baby by clipping his tongue, without the baby's parents' consent.

Lonely girl looking through a window

Parenting  8 February '16

How To Know If A Child Has Psychopathic Tendencies

By identifying the signs of psychopathic tendencies in a child, you may be able to seek treatment and correct the behavior at the earliest.

Bad Babysitter at Home

Parenting  8 February '16

How To Spot A Bad Babysitter: 7 Warning Signs You Should Know

Having a babysitter can take a load off your shoulders but not if you have a bad babysitter at home. Know the 7 warning signs of a bad nanny.

McDonald's cheeseburger

News  4 February '16

Dad Choked to Death After Attempting To Swallow A Whole McDonald's Cheeseburger

A 29-year old father choked to death after he swallowed one whole McDonald's cheeseburger as a prank.

USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Woman exercising at gym

Health/Nutrition  4 February '16

Study Shows Women Find It Harder To Lose Weight Than Men

A latest study has found that women face more difficulty in losing weight compared to men.

Rihanna's 8th Album artwork

Trending News  4 February '16

Rihanna's 'Anti' Sold Only 460 Copies In The U.S

Rihanna's latest album "Anti" did not make it to the top 10 of Billboard and only sold 460 copies in the U.S.

Sleeping puppies

Parenting  4 February '16

Mother Dog Escapes Kennel To Console Crying Puppies On Their First Night At Foster Care

A mother dog at a Canadian foster care center sneaked out of her kennel to console two foster puppies.

McDonald's fast food restaurant

Food  4 February '16

McDonald's Is Facing A $5 Million Suit For Its Mozzarella Sticks

McDonald's is facing a lawsuit worth $5 million in damages because of allegations of false claims on its mozzarella sticks.

Child Playing the Piano

Parenting  4 February '16

Raising a Creative Child: How Parents Raised Successful People

Parents of very successful people have revealed the manner by which they raised their kids into truly creative ones.

Tall Man and Short Man

Health/Nutrition  4 February '16

Taller Individuals Are More Prone To Develop Cancer Than Shorter People

Latest study has revealed that taller individuals are at a higher risk of developing cancer compared to shorter people.

Scientist studying DNA

News  4 February '16

DNA Plays A Part In Predicting Whether You're A Morning Person Or A Night Owl

Latest study revealed that the DNA of an individual plays a part in determining whether one is a morning person or a night owl.

Mother and baby in hospital

Parenting  4 February '16

Does A Parent's IQ Affect Parenting Skills?

Can a paren'ts ability to care for his child be measured by his Intelligence Quotient?

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