Study Shows The Best Way To Lose Weight Is To Fall In Love

By Snow, Parent Herald January 20, 06:13 am

Many want to lose weight but only a few succeed. A recent study showed, however, that for those who are still trying to figure out the best way to lose weight, then now is the time to prioritize falling in love.

Indeed, people who fall in love tend to have a better physique than those who are not involved in a relationship. Huffington Post reported a study that proved the body produces the hormone oxytocin whenever a person is "in love."

Physical stimulations associated in a relationship such as kissing, hugging, sex, and even the simple holding of hands, all contribute to the production of oxytocin. These are positive social interactions that the body readily responds to.

In the study of 25 men, some were exposed to the oxytocin hormone using a nasal spray and some were given a placebo. They were made to eat meals thereafter, and it turned out that those who had been exposed to oxytocin prior to eating actually ate fewer calories than those who did not.

This showed that the body's response to oxytocin is quite immediate. Hence, those who are "in love" may unconsciously find themselves eating less when they are with their partners in a restaurant or at home.

For those who are not in such an exhilarating state of being in love, there are still other effective ways to lose weight. Some of these methods included getting an online weight loss buddy, sticking to water after breakfast, cutting down on regular meals, waiting for the tummy to rumble before munching on something, and reducing TV time by one hour.

By falling in love, and following some of the methods mentioned herein, one will surely be able to lose weight. So now is the best time for some hugging, kissing and cuddling.

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